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When will our gov­ern­ments stop hand­ing out cor­po­rate wel­fare to com­pa­nies whose CEO is worth bil­lions and $50-plus mil­lion is pocket change, tak­ing this money from tax­pay­ers on the premise of cre­at­ing new jobs! Wake up you politi­cians and quit be­ing ma­nip­u­lated by these uber-rich so­ciopaths who have noth­ing other than the bot­tom line of the com­pany in their in­ter­est. A lot of good-pay­ing jobs are be­ing elim­i­nated else­where. When will the phony, ly­ing politi­cians stop rip­ping the peo­ple off for the wealthy 1%ers.

DMC McNaney

Cognashene, Ont.

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