New­found­land Pony Facts

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De­scrip­tion – a small, com­pact and mus­cu­lar body with a good bone struc­ture The head and ears are small while the eyes are large and ex­pres­sive New­found­land Ponies have short, thick necks and short, flat backs The legs and hindquar­ters are pow­er­ful and mus­cu­lar and the tail is set low New­found­land Ponies have de­vel­oped thick win­ter coats, as a re­sult of the cold Cana­dian cli­mate

Size – 11 and 14 .2 hands (four inches per hand) Weight 400 800 pounds

Colours - The most com­mon color is brown, although they also come in black, gray and other solid col­ors The mane, tail and lower legs are usu­ally dark It is not un­com­mon for many in­di­vid­u­als to un­dergo color changes from one sea­son to the next

Tem­per­a­ment – The New­found­land Pony is a good tem­pered, sen­si­ble an­i­mal It is brave, loyal and obe­di­ent, will­ing to learn and a hard worker It also pos­sesses great strength and en­durance

Suit­able for – In the past, New­found­land Ponies were widely used for gen­eral agri­cul­tural work and in car­riages Nowa­days, they are mainly used for light draft work, driv­ing and rid­ing They are gen­tle and are suit­able mounts for adults and chil­dren alike

Care – They can sur­vive on mod­est food sup­ply and have no prob­lem stay­ing out­side dur­ing the win­ter, as they are pro­tected by their thick coats

His­tory – The breed, as its name sug­gests, is spe­cific to New­found­land, Canada Its an­ces­tors came from the Bri­tish Isles and in­clude, among oth­ers, Con­nemara, High­land and New For­est ponies Over the years, the hardi­est of th­ese ponies, the ones that man­aged to sur­vive the harsh Cana­dian weather, were the ones that set the foun­da­tions for the New­found­land Pony breed Early on in their his­tory th­ese ponies were multi-pur­pose an­i­mals, es­sen­tial to fam­i­lies and farm­ers With the on­set of mech­a­niza­tion, they be­came re­dun­dant This led them to be­come al­most ex­tinct

Breed­ing – The New­found­land Pony breed is cur­rently en­dan­gered as it counts ap­prox­i­mately 400 in­di­vid­u­als In New­found­land, it has been rec­og­nized as a Her­itage An­i­mal The breed’s av­er­age life­span is 25-30 years

Source: Pony and Horse In­ter­na­tional

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