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Whispers and Wings

- CINDY DAY weathermai­l@weatherbyd­ Cindydaywe­ather Cindy Day is chief meteorolog­ist for Saltwire Network.

I do a lot of writing. Occasional­ly, I get an email that says more than I could ever attempt. These lovely words belong to Kimberly Dickson, from New Glasgow, N.S.:

"Dear Cindy:

I thought you might be interested in seeing this painting; I titled it Whispers & Wings.

I created it in memory of the Indigenous children who never returned home because of the travesties of the residentia­l school system.

The dragonflie­s represent whispers from the children's spirits, announcing that they have been found; meanwhile, a mother cries for the lost children.

Dragonflie­s transcend between heaven and earth. They are creatures of the air, water, and land said to be messengers who bring about the changes needed.


This was done with acrylic on rock.

Regards, Kim.”

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