The Chronicle Herald (Metro)

In a book bind

- Diane Aikens, Dartmouth

I went to the Dartmouth library recently to order a book entitled Irreversib­le Damage: The Transgende­r Craze Seducing Our Daughters by Abigail Shrier. The gentleman there told me there were 150 people waiting for the book, so it might be a while.

I asked him how many copies they had, and he told me two. So my next question was: “Are you ordering more copies since there is such interest in the subject?” He said there were none on order.

My understand­ing about libraries is that they are paid for by the citizens, for the citizens. So why not order more copies to shorten the wait time? I then asked him: “If I bought a copy of the book and donated it to the library, would they use it?” He did not think they would.

If 150 people want to read this book, and afterwards pass it on to one other person, that means there could be 300 people who are interested.

I am wondering if this is a form of censorship. I can hardly think that is possible, as the library staff would want to serve the community. But I think it is prudent to provoke thought on this subject.

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