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Unsettled weather is unsettling for some

- CINDY DAY weathermai­l@weatherbyd­ Cindydaywe­ather Cindy Day is chief meteorolog­ist for Saltwire Network.

It doesn't seem right to complain about our weather. So many are dealing with so much devastatio­n brought on by extreme weather; however, it is in our nature.

It's been very humid this week; while that's OK if you're on vacation, lazing by a lake, many find it quite oppressive. Then, there's the issue of the “unsettled” nature of this weather. That's a problem if you're trying to make hay or stain a deck.

The first in a series of fronts swept across the region late yesterday. It was a cold front — in name only. The wind flipped around to the west and northwest for about eight hours. The circulatio­n is, once again, from the south as another line of weather pushes through this afternoon.

Following a short period of clearing, yet another frontal line will drop down tomorrow, with more midday showers.

Through it all, there will be some lovely sunshine. I wouldn't cancel any plans but instead, be aware that it might go from sunshine to liquid sunshine and back again in the blink of an eye.

Overall, Sunday will be the best day for outdoor activities. Enjoy it, there's more rain on the radar for the early part of next week.

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