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In­gre­di­ents Crepes

2 cups flour

½ cup sugar

2 cups milk

4 eggs

1 tbsp vanilla

2 tbsp but­ter, melted

splash of wa­ter

pinch of salt


4 cups ic­ing sugar

2 cups cream cheese

2 tbsp of or­ange juice

2 tsp of vanilla

1 cup white choco­late, melted

Mango sauce

2 cups mango chunks, frozen or fresh

¼ cup sugar

pinch of cinnamon

pinch of ground cloves

half-pinch of nut­meg

pinch of salt


Crepes: Mix all dry in­gre­di­ents well. Us­ing a mixer, blend all the wet in­gre­di­ents, ex­cept wa­ter, un­til well-mixed. Grad­u­ally add wet in­gre­di­ents to the dry, stir­ring un­til well-in­cor­po­rated—this is where you may need a splash of wa­ter to loosen the bat­ter.

Blend bat­ter un­til com­pletely smooth, or strain the bat­ter to ensure there are no lumps.

Crepes can be spun in a non-stick fry pan or on a flat top grid­dle. Brush heated sur­face with but­ter or veg­etable oil and pour in a small la­dle of bat­ter. Spread it evenly and as thin as you can. Once edges start to lightly brown, flip crepe, re­move and cool.

Crepes can be spun in ad­vance and re­frig­er­ated or frozen. Fill­ing: Us­ing a mixer or elec­tric beat­ers, com­bine all in­gre­di­ents un­til smooth and creamy.

Mango sauce: On low to medium heat, cook all in­gre­di­ents un­til the mango soft­ens and cooks down. Re­move from heat and puree.

As­sem­bly: Use a spring foam pan. Cut the crepes the same size as the bot­tom of your pan and line it with parch­ment pa­per.

Start with a crepe on the bot­tom then spread a thin layer of the fill­ing, con­tinue lay­er­ing un­til you use up all the crepes and fill­ing. Re­frig­er­ate for a few hours or overnight.

Re­move from pan cut as you like. Serve with a driz­zling of the mango over the top and garnish with white choco­late shav­ings.

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