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An engagement story

When Krista Lane and Jennifer Sparle got together, marriage was far from their minds. “On our first date, Jen told me that she didn’t believe in marriage,” recalls Krista, laughing.

Meanwhile, Krista had previously been married and was unsure about taking the plunge again. “Coming out of a marriage, I was feeling cautious, and I certainly got the feeling that she was cautious as well,” says Krista.

“There were some walls to break down on both of our ends, but I think that instant connection that we had allowed us to spend the time to break down those walls together.”

Although both women are healthcare profession­als—Krista is a paramedic and Jennifer’s a nurse—they didn’t cross paths at work. They both swiped right on Tinder and had their first date at the end of Halifax Pride, convening under a tree on Citadel Hill during the festival’s closing night party three years ago.

Krista and Jennifer’s reasons for getting hitched are as practical as they are romantic. The couple co-parent their son, Oscar, but “the laws are such that I have no legal claim to my child,” says Jennifer. “It was a very emotional conversati­on and the conclusion was we need to get married.”

Krista and Jennifer plan to marry in December 2018. It will be a small ceremony, with Oscar standing as the best man. “He’s not your typical six-year-old. He really loves to dress up,” says Krista. Oscar’s suit will match hers.

And the location? That tree under which they shared their first date.


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