Gallery wall pro tips

Dec­o­ra­tor Shay In­gram, of Shay In­te­ri­ors, of­fers pro tips for cre­at­ing beau­ti­ful chaos with art.

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Gallery walls work best when there is a con­nect­ing el­e­ment and a bit of rep­e­ti­tion. You can link items to­gether visu­ally by us­ing sim­i­lar sub­jects, colour and frame style or size.


Struc­tured or sym­met­ri­cal group­ings can be eas­ier to de­sign and add more of a for­mal feel­ing. If you de­cide to go for a struc­tured look you would typ­i­cally use the same style and size of frames, with con­sis­tent spac­ing be­tween items.


My favourite type of gallery wall is one that is or­ganic with a mix of me­dia and sizes. I like to use colour of sub­ject and frames to cre­ate a co­he­sive look. Mixing in dif­fer­ent shapes, like adding a round mir­ror or a plate or branch helps to break up lin­ear lines of frames and keeps things from be­com­ing too sim­i­lar.


A level is your best friend. I usu­ally cre­ate level lines to di­vide the space I am work­ing into cross sec­tions. This re­ally helps you to line up the tops, sides or bot­toms of frames at the same height across the space, cre­at­ing a bal­anced shape. Make tem­plates of each piece by trac­ing on pa­per and tape your lay­out to the wall first. I nor­mally start out with the largest piece be­cause your eye will nat­u­rally be drawn to that point, then build above and below it.


Over­lap­ping hor­i­zon­tally and ver­ti­cally gives you spa­ces in be­tween to group smaller items that can visu­ally equal a larger frame.


My own gallery wall at home started out as a smaller group­ing but has since grown to take over the en­tire wall. It is like in­ter­ac­tive art, I am al­ways star­ing at it, adding to it, I never get tired of it.

Just re­mem­ber to have fun. You can cre­ate a gallery wall on any bud­get and it is a great place to show­case your per­son­al­ity through a mul­ti­tude of in­ter­est­ing mem­o­ra­bilia.

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