Un­lock­ing Char­lie


Burglars break into young Char­lie’s house on Christmas Eve and steal all of his presents as he watches from the stair­case. Hope falls from his eyes. MON­TAGE: Twenty years pass. Char­lie’s se­cu­rity sys­tem, door locks and win­dow bars pre­vent any home in­vaders... in­clud­ing Santa. CUT TO: An­other dis­ap­point­ing Christmas Eve. Char­lie is awak­ened by his alarm, flash­ing a Ru­dolph-es­que red light. “EV­ERY BREATH YOU TAKE” BY THE PO­LICE IN THE STYLE OF SAM SMITH crescen­dos as Santa comes bar­rel­ing down the chim­ney with a back­log of presents. They’re all movies.

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