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I read your ar­ti­cle on apart­ments’ strict poli­cies on pot smok­ing (“Cannabis pa­tient wor­ried about find­ing a place to rent in Hal­i­fax,” The City story by San­dra C. Han­nebohm, Au­gust 9). Do not ex­pect any sym­pa­thy from me. I know peo­ple who suf­fer from sci­atic nerve prob­lems or fi­bromyal­gia, but I do not see them tok­ing up the chronic. Mar­i­juana does not cure any­thing, it is merely sweet for­get. I know peo­ple who get mi­graines from sec­ond­hand mar­i­juana smoke: Do they have a right to be with­out pain, too? Mar­i­juana seems to be the prod­uct of vul­gar, sickly, needy and high-main­te­nance peo­ple who would rather wal­low in mis­ery or beg for quick fixes. We are bet­ter than that.

—Al­lis­tair Fraser, Hal­i­fax

As a med­i­cal cannabis pa­tient my­self, I can also at­test that there are other ways to in­gest med­i­cal cannabis than smok­ing. Vapour­iz­ing, ed­i­bles and oils are all shown to typ­i­cally be more ef­fec­tive for phys­i­cal pain than smok­ing cannabis. CBD oil is known to be par­tic­u­larly ef­fec­tive in both tri­als and the lived ex­pe­ri­ence of my­self and other pa­tients who use it for pain relief. Smok­ing is also one form of in­gest­ing cannabis that is ac­tively detri­men­tal to health, as it com­pro­mises lung health. I am con­fused as to why the pa­tient in­ter­viewed can­not find an­other way of tak­ing their medicine that would be equally or more ef­fec­tive for their health than smok­ing, and would not cause is­sues with po­ten­tial land­lords. This ar­ti­cle has left me with more ques­tions and con­fu­sion than a sense of hav­ing been in­formed. —posted at the­ by Mor­gan Dam­bergs

This is an un­for­tu­nate re­al­ity of prime min­is­ter Trudeau’s “le­gal­iza­tion.” We will have more laws which will mean more jobs for po­lice, by­law en­force­ment and likely cor­rec­tions of­fi­cers. True med­i­cal pa­tients who fought for the right to med­i­cate (which was fi­nally granted in 1998) will suf­fer more than ever be­cause of these “new” laws. Be­fore le­gal­iza­tion, land­lords were afraid of how hu­man rights tri­bunals would ac­cept this; now they get carte blanche to rid them­selves of ALL smok­ers, both med­i­cal and recre­ational as well as to­bacco. Le­gal­iza­tion is only ben­e­fit­ting ex­cops, ex-politi­cians and friends of the afore­men­tioned, while le­git­i­mate pa­tients suf­fer. The sad part is this is just so Trudeau could get elected, and lit­tle Johnny could say “I get to smoke a joint be­fore go­ing to get ham­mered at the club.” —posted by Wayne Ro­bil­lard

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