Get your feet out of the aisle


What the fuck is wrong with peo­ple? When you sit in a seat, don’t sit with your feet stuck in the aisle. If I bang into you be­cause you’re block­ing my way, tough shit. Do you stare at your smart­phone and pre­tend you don’t see any­one else and think you’re the cen­ter of the uni­verse? I don’t think driv­ers will be re­quired to tell peo­ple to clear the aisle: All driv­ers do is drive the bus, they rarely en­force any rules, ex­cept you can’t bring your drink on board. You were still wear­ing your name tag from the burger joint you work in, so I guess I shouldn’t ex­pect too much from you. It seems that ev­ery day, the buses get worse and worse. I’m sure the rid­er­ship is way down as Hal­i­fax Tran­sit gets man­aged to lower stan­dards, but they don’t care. How can they even count rid­er­ship? If a per­son uses a pass, there’s no way to track num­bers. —Ready To Get A Car, Screw The En­vi­ron­ment

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