In­cred­i­ble, hero-tis­ti­cal, flail­ing arm Dad

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To the pro­gres­sive and ea­ger fa­ther in Lawrence­town: Yeah, I know, it’s the third day of school and you have some­thing to prove. But don’t stand on the edge of your drive­way on a blind crest and jump out at me, flail­ing your arms with panic writ­ten all over your face, just be­cause I’m do­ing 57 in a 50 zone. Yes, I should have been go­ing slower, but there are no signs. So, I’ll be more aware next time. But maybe you should fol­low suit of some other high traf­fic small com­mu­ni­ties and put your en­ergy into mak­ing a sign, like “slow down, we love our kids.” Should that be nec­es­sary? No. But it works. And my 57 pales in com­par­i­son to the 67 or 77 the next driver might be do­ing, and no one needs to be sent off the road—nor do you need to be a hero and get in­jured or killed on what looks your child’s first days of school. Stand back, jot li­cense plate num­bers, call po­lice for more pres­ence, pub­licly shame peo­ple—or make a sign. What­ever. Just con­trib­ute to a so­lu­tion in­stead of mak­ing it worse.

—Still On Va­ca­tion And For­get­ful

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