Dude that bought me name-brand ice cream

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I was wait­ing in line at check­out right be­hind you. I saw the con­tainer of choco­late name-brand ice cream with your stuff and I said “Man, that stuff is so good isn’t it?” Which started a brief con­ver­sa­tion about how good that ice cream is and the in­sane amounts of it we go through. Then I kinda zoned out into my own world while the cashier rang in your gro­ceries. Next thing I know, the cashier hands me the con­tainer of ice cream and said “that guy said to give this to you.” Af­ter a few mo­ments of com­plete con­fu­sion, I re­al­ized how ab­so­lutely nice of you it was to just give your ice cream to some ran­dom dude be­hind you. I also re­al­ized you were pretty cute too. That re­ally made my night man! Wish I could’ve thanked you!—

Guy That Likes Name-Brand Ice Cream

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