Patches of cru­elty

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Ev­ery year the cold weather comes, and ev­ery year I see the Canada Goose shoul­der patches come out. I’m an an­i­mal rights ac­tivist, and just gen­er­ally a so­cially con­scious per­son. There are many wrongs out there that are dif­fi­cult and com­plex to solve, and there are ones that aren’t. Sta­tus-con­scious people are pay­ing $950 for a coat and $175 for a simple toque with the iconic patch on them. How many of them are aware that the fur trim on these coats was taken from coy­otes who died hor­ri­ble deaths in in­cred­i­bly cruel traps? Wild and beau­ti­ful free-liv­ing coy­otes who were go­ing about their busi­ness and stepped into their bru­tal ends, their cries for help unan­swered. Ar­guably just as hor­rific are the life and deaths of the fac­tory-farmed geese, whose feath­ers are made into goose-down in­su­la­tion for these coats.

Warm they are, but just as warm are coats made from syn­thetic ma­te­rial. Sup­port­ing the busi­nesses that don’t use dead an­i­mals means sup­port­ing the pro­gres­sive people look­ing at cre­at­ing greener syn­thetic ma- teri­als. Be­lieve it or not, lab-grown “clean” meat is com­ing soon and lab-grown fur is in the pipe, too. If you are an an­i­mal lover, like ev­ery­one I’ve ever met claims to be, try wear­ing that la­bel on your shoul­der or fore­head in­stead. —Ty Savoy, Lake Echo

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