Please, please, please stop touch­ing me

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I know you don’t mean any harm by it and it’s just your way of be­ing friendly, but it makes me and a bunch of other peo­ple we work with re­ally un­com­fort­able. You don’t need to run your hand across my shoul­ders or waist when you first come in for the day; you don’t need to grab my wrist to get my at­ten­tion; you don’t need to give my arm a squeeze when you leave. I know it’s prob­a­bly a cul­tural thing and I’ve been called a racist for bring­ing it up, but I don’t like peo­ple be­ing in my per­sonal space or hav­ing peo­ple other than close family or friends touch me. I’ve had bad, BAD ex­pe­ri­ences in the past and given all the talk about un­wanted touch­ing and con­sent and so on over the past cou­ple years I would’ve fig­ured it would be com­mon knowl­edge that ran­domly touch­ing peo­ple and get­ting in their space is a huge no-no. Please just stop. —Is It So Weird To Not Want Peo­ple Touch­ing You?

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