The Coast : 2019-05-02



COVER STORY The Nova Scotia government believes a family can survive on $875 a month $679 $90 Rent Electricit­y Washer/Dryer $50 $819 Total $56 left for food to feed a family for one month... What about personal care products? $6.97 $3.29 $4.97 $5.99 $5.99 $1.79 $9.99 $3.88 Toilet paper Deodorant Soap Shampoo Conditione­r Toothpaste Tampons Pads 42.87 Total Do families really need to choose between eating or brushing their teeth with toothpaste in Canada? Do Females really have to choose between eating or buying tampons? Seriously what options are out there? Having your period once a month is normal and not new. Social Assistance income is well below minimum wage. —posted by Jodi Brown to the Nova Scotia Housing Tenants’ Facebook a • • The Coast 7 MAY 2 – MAY 08, 2019

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