The Coast : 2020-07-09

LAKES : 19 : 19


LAKES is hybrid bike friendly—and wouldn't be the worst if you've only got a road bike. After 30 minutes of cycling, the Flyer Trail will take you to the start of the Salt Marsh Trail (you can opt to go straight here and make your way to Conrad's Beach or Lawrenceto­wn Beach. The route stays flat but strong ocean winds can make it tricky). Turn right onto Bisset Road and ride mostly downhill all the way to the Rainbow Haven Beach. That's it. It probably took one and a half to two hours, but you've made it. The second entrance has an old bike rack to lock up your steed—and then it's just you and the salt and the sand until you're ready to head home. Prepare yourself for a tough pedal back up Bissett Road, but you can look forward to jumping on the ferry at the Woodside Terminal to get to Halifax—shaving the last leg off your journey. Whether it's bike lanes or a Field of Dreams, some say you've got to build it before people will come, but when the sun is hot and the city's sweating, you might as well make do with what's already there. a • • The Coast 19 HOT SUMMER GUIDE 2020

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