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LOBSTER Crushable cans Seven new summer sippers that come packed for worry-free portabilit­y. BY KYLE SHAW Piquette Benjamin Bridge This piquette (an old style of low-alcohol wine) from the creator of Nova 7 has a hint of sea salt, and is impossibly easy to drink. (7.2% alcohol by volume) Lime Lite Propeller Brewing Company What Bud Light Lime would be like if it was made by a reputable craft brewer and tasted good. (4.5% ABV) The Fizz Moon Mist Good Robot Brewing Company The Fizz "fermented seltzer" comes in different flavours, but only Moon Mist is based on the beloved east coast ice cream. Find it at Good Robot, if it’s not sold out. (4.7% ABV) Sparking Rosé LÜVO Life Co. It tastes like sparkling water with a perfect splash of rosé wine, but LÜVO packs a punch in this can. You simply will not believe it’s 11 percent alcohol. ( 11% ABV) Vinello 2 Crows Brewing Co. A tasty collab between makers of wine (Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards) and beer, Vinello is an extremely limited edition. Find it at a specialty liquor store in Halifax, if you’re lucky. From creamy to crunchy, from dill to lemon, lobster rolls embody all the textures and flavours of summer. Acadian Fish and Chips from the toasted bun to the crunch of red onion and celery, right down to the ratio of mayo to lobster. (Bonus: it comes with fries.) 1990 Hammonds Plains Road, $19 The trip to Hammonds Plains is worth it for this juicy, rich and flavourful treat. The fresh and creamy lobster is mixed with lettuce and served up on a simple bun, because sometimes back to basics is just what you need. Comes with a side of crispy fries. (4.9% ABV) Summer Love Boxing Rock Brewing Co. Dave's Lobster First released last year, this sour beer doesn’t exactly qualify as brand-new, but with "summer" in the name it earns a place on this list. 1549 Lower Water Street, $21 A waterfront hotspot, this is the best place for an on-the-go roll while you're strolling the boardwalk. Dave's lobster roll variations include the classics, garlic-buttery deliciousn­ess, and even lobster tacos. Go wild. Just roll with it (5.4% ABV) The Canteen Blue Lobster Rocket Nova Scotia 22 Portland Street, Dartmouth $18 Spirit Co. Chef Renée Lavallée's crobster roll is among the top reasons to take the ferry to Dartmouth. A snow crab and lobster mix with truffle aioli and topped with fresh dill, it's also one of the more affordably priced rolls on the list. Except for being a bubbly, vodka-based liquid, this new Blue Lobbie flavour is a faithful re-creation of the red, white and blue popsicle treat. Bluenose II Restaurant 1824 Hollis Street, $19 (6% ABV) No shell, all taste, this sandwich is lobster's starring role. A classic and classy lobster roll served up at this seafood-specializi­ng spot. It comes on a toasted, buttered roll with lettuce and green onion and is topped with house cocktail mayo for extra tanginess. Evan's Fresh Seafoods 2 Ochterlone­y Street, $18/$22 with side BY VICTORIA WALTON Served a bit differentl­y than a classic lobster roll, this one comes warm, with a toasted local bakery bun and optional side of salad or fries. If you're in the mood for something different, try Evan's lobster poutine. Gahan House 5239 Sackville Street, $23 Narrow down Gahan's hefty menu by going with this old faithful. Served on a brioche bun with celery, chives, basil and lemon, there's no shortage of flavour here—and it comes with a side of seasoned fries. A boiled lobster on a plate can be a lot to deal with. There's the shell, the spiky bits and all that melted butter. But eating local lobster is a fantastic way to help Nova Scotia fishers while enjoying some of the very best seafood in the world. What's a conscienti­ous consumer to do? Lean on the lobster roll, that hand-held delicacy served at restaurant­s all over the province. Here The Coast offers nine recommenda­tions to get you started, but there's no need to feel limited by this list—really, it's hard to go wrong when you're on a roll. LF Bakery 2063 Gottingen Street, $13.75 This may be the least expensive lobster roll on the list but don't let that fool you: LF's version comes on a milk bun (similar to brioche) and features mayo, grainy mustard, dill, shallots, celery and greens to add some crunch. Boondocks Restaurant 6 Government Wharf Road, Eastern Passage, $23 Nothing says—nay, shouts—Nova Scotia like a lobster roll served on a freshly toasted hotdog bun—and that's exactly what you'll get at Boondocks. No fancy mayo, no new spices, just creamy, mayo-y lobster meat that tastes better than any hotdog ever could. Esquire Restaurant 772 Bedford Highway, $23 Famous for its chowder, Esquire has also pretty much perfected the classic lobster roll, • • The Coast 37 HOT SUMMER GUIDE 2020

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