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SWIM the third beach is clothing-optional. Located about 35 minutes from downtown Halifax. Martinique Beach 2389 Petpeswick Road, East Petpeswick Over 5km long, Martinique Beach is the longest stretch of sand in Nova Scotia. It’s a popular surfing spot and has plenty of lengthy boardwalks. It’s about an hour’s drive from downtown, and well worth bringing your camera to catch the sunset. Lawrenceto­wn Beach 4348 Lawrenceto­wn Road, East Lawrenceto­wn One of the most popular beaches in Nova Scotia, Lawrenceto­n Beach is a hotspot for surfing with its high waves and strong tides. But you can also go swimming, soak up the sun, walk the dog or just sit and relax. Black Rock Beach 5530 Point Pleasant Drive, Halifax Located in Point Pleasant Park, Black Rock Beach is a great spot to swim (unsupervis­ed) on a warm summer day when you can’t get out of the city. Also popular among scuba divers, you can hike through the park and take a dip into the Halifax Harbour, or hang out on the rocky outcrops and look across to Dartmouth. Martinique Swim's Cow Bay showroom is just minutes from Rainbow Haven beach. ALIX SURETTE Queensland Beach With no time to wait for online orders, shop local this summer and support small biz while you're at it. 9600 Highway 3, Queensland This small-but-mighty beach is home to some impressive waves and is often packed on a summer day. There’s plenty of parking and grassy areas to picnic and change rooms on site. There’s usually a nearby food truck to get fries—just don’t let the seagulls get too close. BY VICTORIA WALTON The hunt for the perfect suit meets its match with Simone Prisenberg's splurgewor­thy swimwear. As owner and operator of Prisenberg's cute suits are available at several stores or directly from martinique­ Head to the showroom in Cow Bay (by appointmen­t only) for a personaliz­ed fitting and consultati­on, or pick one up at 1661 Argyle Street) or 6451 Quinpool Road). If you want swimwear that's printed, 1673 Barrington Street, Suite 200 is the brand for you. Whether you’re a stargazer who is into an out-of-this-world pattern or you’re channeling Carole Baskin with a cheetah-print bikini, Thief & Bandit’s swimwear will make you the life of the pool party. owner Joanne Tranter grew up surrounded by beaches in South Wales, travelling to California and Mexico as she learned to surf, and began making her own bikinis before settling in Black Point. Tranter launched her business in 2012 and since then has been creating bold prints and asymmetric­al patterns, available on her Etsy shop or at suenocloth­ Local designers have partnered with Sueno for a new collection that's minimalist and basic in all the right ways. Check it out at­s/sueno. Sisters Omeda and Anna launched label in 2015. Its style selection skews simple, but the basic suits are flattering on all body types and are named after different Canadian towns. Their swimsuit models are all friends, mothers, and women they know in real life. Shop at Agricola Street shop (2453 Agricola Street) stocks swimwear from sizeinclus­ive brand based out of Montreal. Grab a few of the high-quality Canadian-made suits in store, or check out the full collection online at mimiandaug­ If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind swimsuit, got you. You can literally make your own with patterns from crochet guru Girl On The Moon, AKA Alison Durning. After learning how to make bags and baskets, Durning was hooked on crochet, and began her Etsy business in 2015. Find her on Insta @girlonthem­ooncrochet. store in 1595 Bedford Highway) is for people looking for a bit more care in their swimwear-buying experience. Owner Morva Castellani and her staff will help you with a free bra fitting to find the perfect size, and they even offer a specialty selection of D+ cup size swimwear and mastectomy swimwear. If you’ve had no luck with the usual suspects, try thrifting your next swimsuit. Check out or on Instagram to find a pre-loved suit you can rock all summer. Bonus: The Bounty also has a selection of items available at 2383 Agricola Street). a Martinique Swim, Sattva Boutique Mimi & August, Biscuit General Store Pro Skates Thief & Bandit Girl on the Moon's Sueno Swimwear Silken Lingerie Sunnyside Mall ( Ana & Zac Fat Chance Vintage, Me + You Thrift, The Bounty Meda Swim Lost & Found a Crystal Crescent beach. STOCK • • The Coast 7 HOT SUMMER GUIDE 2020

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