Churches empty as yoga flour­ishes

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This is more of a rant than a let­ter, some might say. I just can’t fathom the amount of peo­ple in­ter­ested in and tak­ing part in yoga.

I won­der do they know it is a Hindu and Bud­dhist prac­tice? Wouldn’t make any dif­fer­ence, I don’t know. To each his own and all that, as my mom would say.

I do know that, as a Chris­tian, our churches are emp­ty­ing at an alarm­ing rate, while some­thing like yoga is flour­ish­ing — its ma­jor in­flu­ence be­ing ex­er­cise and med­i­ta­tion to im­prove body, mind and spirit, with good re­sults.

Fol­low­ing our Lord Je­sus Christ, i.e. Chris­tian­ity, also al­lows for these at­tributes of im­prove­ment to body, mind and spirit. How have we, as a peo­ple, lost sight of this?

Take a mo­ment and read what our New­found­land and Labrador Coat of Arms is telling us — “Seek ye first the King­dom of God” — from Matthew 6:33 of the Holy Bi­ble. Let’s fall back and re­group, as the mil­i­tary says, and have a sec­ond look at what mo­ti­vates us to im­prove body, mind and spirit. As a Chris­tian, for me and mine, I would say, walk a lot, read your Bi­ble and go to church on Sun­day — or Satur­day for some!

God bless. Joy French Cole­man writes from Har­bour Grace

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