Har­bour Au­thor­ity at Har­bour Grace be­com­ing a lo­cal dump­ing ground

The Compass - - Editorial - BY CHRIS LEWIS chris.lewis@cb­n­com­pass.ca

The Har­bour Grace Har­bour Au­thor­ity has a big prob­lem with garbage.

Re­cent posts on the Har­bor Au­thor­ity of Har­bour Grace Face­book page in­di­cate too many peo­ple are us­ing the dump­sters on the prop­erty.

Those dump­sters are meant to be used by boat own­ers who dock at Har­bour Au­thor­ity wharf.

How­ever, as made ev­i­dent by pho­tos on their Face­book page, some peo­ple come by the prop­erty af­ter hours to get rid of their garbage.

If the dump­sters are full, peo­ple are leav­ing the bags of garbage along­side the dump­sters.

And that makes for a mess in the morn­ing.

Peggy Hearn works for the Har­bour Au­thor­ity.

She told The Com­pass that when garbage bags are left near the dump­sters overnight, the seag­ulls tear into them.

It leaves quite a mess for her to clean up in the morn­ing when she ar­rives at work.

“It’s dis­heart­en­ing, and def­i­nitely frus­trat­ing,” she said. “These dump­sters are here for cer­tain peo­ple, and can only take cer­tain kinds of garbage.

Hearn ex­plained that things like heavy pieces of metal, oil, and rope that has not been cut into small pieces, are just some of the things not al­lowed in these dump­sters.

De­spite sig­nage in the area not­ing the rules for use of the dump­sters, Hearn says peo­ple dis­re­gard them, and the mess doesn’t stop.

On top of this, Hearn noted that one per­son re­cently added to the nas­ti­ness by us­ing the space be­hind the dump­sters as a bath­room be­fore leav­ing the prop­erty, de­spite there be­ing a wash­room avail­able at the prop­erty.

“We have video sur­veil­lance, so when I see a dump­ster go from empty to over­filled over night, I can eas­ily go back and see what’s go­ing on,” she said. “With sig­nage here, and the cam­eras, you would think that com­mon sense would come into play for peo­ple, but un­for­tu­nately that’s not al­ways the case.”

Hearn said that although they have not reached out to RCMP about the is­sue, they are ac­tively look­ing for ways to rem­edy it.

“We have work to do here, and peo­ple need to re­al­ize this isn’t the place to be bring­ing their garbage. We have a lo­cal dump that’s open for this ex­act pur­pose, so it can cer­tainly get pretty frus­trat­ing to see (this garbage here) so of­ten.”


Peggy Hearn says that it is com­mon for her to have to come to work in the morn­ing to find the park­ing lot cov­ered in garbage.


Seag­ulls are only one part of the prob­lem peo­ple at the Har­bour Grace Har­bour Au­thor­ity are fac­ing when peo­ple leave be­hind garbage at the prop­erty.

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