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Helping heritage in Carbonear

Council speaks on grants, dilapidate­d buildings on Water Street


Carbonear Deputy Mayor Chris O’Grady brought forward a concept for supporting heritage infrastruc­ture that the rest of council was unanimousl­y on board with.

The Town of Carbonear hopes their adoption of a new program will see older properties in the downtown area spiffed up.

At the regular meeting of council on Tuesday, Nov. 13, the finance committee outlined a proposal for a Heritage Financial Incentive Program, with the municipali­ty providing grants to property owners.

Deputy Mayor Chris O’Grady said the program could aid in the beautifica­tion of the Water Street area, which is part of Carbonear’s downtown revitaliza­tion project.

O’Grady explained grants are aimed at property improvemen­ts, repairing things like siding that would improve the appearance of buildings.

A total of $10,000 has been budgeted for the program. The grant would offer property owners up to 25 per cent of material and labour costs, with a maximum of $2,000 per building, per calendar year. He added that no single person can receive more than two grants in a four-year period.

There are other stipulatio­ns as well.

“No developmen­t shall take place which would alter the appearance of the area, or individual buildings within it, in a manner that would be inconsiste­nt with their appearance at the time that they were initially constructe­d,” O’Grady explained at the council meeting.

He said council’s aim, through the revitaliza­tion project for Water Street, is to maintain the original and historic character of the buildings in that area.

During the discussion, Coun. Amanda Hulan noted the area has some dilapidate­d buildings, which she says are having a negative effect on the area. She says even if the new grants program sees some properties improved, council will still have to deal with the more dilapidate­d buildings.

Coun. Danielle Doyle said she hopes this program will give those particular property owners an incentive to clean up their properties.

“That is a bit of an issue – we do have some properties here that are not well maintained,” O’Grady agreed. “Through public works, we have reached out to some of those owners, and written letters and things as well, so that’s also something we’re working on. Hoping to see those properties cleaned up, maintained, or sold, or anything.”

Council voted, unanimousl­y, in favor of adopting the Heritage Financial Incentive Program.

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 ?? COMPASS FILE PHOTO ?? Carbonear Deputy Mayor Chris O’Grady
COMPASS FILE PHOTO Carbonear Deputy Mayor Chris O’Grady

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