Lob­ster found with im­age of pop can on claw

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GRAND MANAN, N.B. — Fish­er­man Karissa Lind­strand drinks a lot of Pepsi ev­ery day — so imag­ine her sur­prise as she was band­ing lob­ster claws and came across a lob­ster with the im­age of a Pepsi can on it.

“It looked like the im­age was tat­tooed on the lob­ster claw,” she said Wed­nes­day.

Lind­strand has been band­ing lob­ster on the boat Hon­our Bound off Grand Manan, N.B., for four years, and while she has seen some odd look­ing lob­ster, this was the first with an im­age on it.

“I’ve just seen de­formed claws. I’ve never seen any­thing like this be­fore with the im­age of a Pepsi sym­bol,” she said. The lob­ster was caught on Nov. 21 near North Head. “It looked just like a reg­u­lar lob­ster. Once I check it over and make sure it is le­gal, I pay more at­ten­tion to the claws and get­ting a band put on it. I just hap­pened to no­tice a blue pic­ture, and got look­ing at it closer and it was a Pepsi can,” she said.

She said the im­age was not pa­per, but could be scraped off, and as she looked closer it was pix­e­lated.

“I took a pic­ture of it with my phone and stuck it on my Face­book page to show my friends and it kind of went vi­ral,” she said.

Lind­strand said she now wishes she had kept the lob­ster be­cause of all the in­ter­est it has gen­er­ated.

In­stead, she just put the lob­ster in a crate for trans­port to a buyer, and it may have gone to the United States.

Matthew Ab­bott, Fundy Bay­keeper and marine pro­gram co-or­di­na­tor with the Con­ser­va­tion Coun­cil of New Brunswick, said this lob­ster has an im­por­tant story to tell.

“What it re­ally tells us is the preva­lence of marine de­bris in our coastal wa­ters. This is a case where the lob­ster not nec­es­sar­ily has been hurt by it, but it shows that even in the rel­a­tively deep wa­ters off Grand Manan there’s garbage down there,” Ab­bott said.

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