Wake up Amer­ica!

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Dear ed­i­tor:

The on­go­ing Trump Wall is­sue has gone on for about three weeks with no real end in sight.

Don­ald Trump and his bel­liger­ent style of ne­go­ti­a­tion has drawn lines in the sand with threats of im­pos­ing emer­gency mea­sures to get what he wants. These lines in the sand ap­pear to be re-drawn al­most daily. Lately, they seem to be lines of re­treat, uncer­tainty, re­al­ity and un­re­al­ity. These lines are be­ing drawn all over the map but seem to be washed away some­what by the ti­dal wa­ters move­ment.

The re­al­ity seems to be that Trump is bank­ing on his self­pro­claimed om­nipo­tence to get what he wants; when he wants it, in spite of what any­one thinks. He de­ludes him­self by stat­ing that that he has much sup­port from the labour force to carry out these emer­gency mea­sures.

It begs the ques­tion be asked: “Is it true that there are none so blind as those who will not see?”

Trump has never been in the real labour trenches, nor has he served in the mil­i­tary. He fails to re­al­ize that the rank-and-file civil ser­vants who he sup­pos­edly rep­re­sents, will get to­tally fed up with not get­ting paid so as to sup­port their fam­i­lies; pay any of their loans or mort­gages and live a nor­mal life­style. How long does he think that these in­di­vid­u­als will put up with his seem­ingly “don’t-give-a-damn” at­ti­tude?

Should this “non-paid con­scrip­tion” con­tinue much longer? David (the U.S. civil servant corps) may well slay Go­liath (Trump) with a gen­eral strike that could rip­ple through the en­tire U.S.

It is not be­yond the realm of pos­si­bil­ity, ac­cord­ing to news re­ports from var­i­ous agen­cies.

Don­ald Trump ex­udes mega­lo­man­i­cal traits. He ex­hibits the an­tics of small in­dulged child in as much as he “takes his bat and ball home” if the game is not played his way.

Wake up Amer­ica, you are be­ing played for fools to be­lieve a racist, misog­y­nis­tic, blow-hard, hy­per­crit­i­cal bully, ha­bit­ual liar, in­com­pe­tent nar­cis­sis­tic politi­cian who con­sid­ers him­self the per­fect pres­i­dent.

If the masses in the U.S. keep putting up with his rhetoric, they de­serve what they get. How­ever, there is no need to drag the rest of the world down with them. Ron Bar­il­laro Pen­tic­ton

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