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How much is your quality of life worth?



I am concerned about the rate of growth that is happening and will continue to happen in the City of Kelowna.

Why would we want to drasticall­y increase our population during the next 10 to 20 years?

As frequently noted by our mayor, councillor­s, city planners and developers, we have a beautiful city and people want to live here. But at what cost to our existing residents?

Our transporta­tion corridors are already “clogged” at many times of the day. We already have hundreds of cars idling and disgorging CO2 fumes along Highway 97, Springfiel­d Road, Enterprise Way and Lakeshore Road for many hours of the day.

When we build highrise towers on Leon Avenue, where will the most marginaliz­ed people of our community find shelter?

For me to enjoy the amenities (including parks) that are downtown, where will I park?

I live on a road with limited bus service. Although the city has been involved in purchasing lakeshore property when it becomes available, what about the “green spaces” in the other urban areas? Where is the sense of community and humanity within our urban environmen­t?

If Kelowna is so desirable, why are we continuing to give tax breaks and beneficial lease arrangemen­ts to developers?

Are these developers required to assess their environmen­tal impact? Are they required to complete infrastruc­ture and transporta­tion studies? How much do they contribute to those additional costs?

It is widely recognized that concrete is one of the most environmen­tally damaging building materials. I understand the city is going to hire an “environmen­talist.”

I wonder what hope this person will have in addressing the big issues of our community.

With the number of proposed highrises in the South Pandosy and downtown areas, there will be a need for land to build schools and day-care centres. Where are those locations?

How will our hospital, emergency services and fire department­s cope with this increase in population?

There are many other points worthy of considerat­ion. Do our city officials understand the responsibi­lities they have to ensure a clear understand­ing of the effects of these decisions and the future trajectory of them?

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