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Never a better time to address climate change


The clock is ticking and climate change hasn't stopped as we deal with the pandemic.

The Government of Canada recently released the new federal climate plan, entitled “A Healthy Environmen­t and a Healthy Economy – Canada's strengthen­ed climate plan to create jobs and support people, communitie­s and the planet.” It includes 64 new measures and $15 billion in investment­s.

U.S. President Joe Biden rejoined the

Paris Agreement on his first day in office. The U.S. will convene an internatio­nal climate summit in Biden’s first few months in the White House, and is set to join a global effort to phase out the use of hydrofluor­ocarbons which are used in refrigerat­ion and air conditioni­ng and contribute to the heating of the planet.

These are positive moves and we need to show support for what is being offered right now, while at the same time continuing to push for bolder action.

T. Davis, Kelowna

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