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Seniors can’t always drive for vet services


Could someone please explain why we have no after-hour emergency veterinary services in Penticton?

Seems reasonable that a rotating on-call system could work.

Over the years, we have met many of the vets who practise in Penticton. These doctors are all kind and love animals.

Each and every one of them owns one or more pets themselves.

Please ask yourself, then, if you were not a veterinari­an and your trusting pet was in urgent need of one, how frustrated you would feel if you couldn’t get them the help they need so badly.

When these emergency calls come in, they are usually a matter of life or death. So, I am asking all veterinari­ans to consider an after-hour, rotating, call system for your loyal buddies in Penticton.

I feel especially bad for those pet owners (i.e. seniors), with no form of transporta­tion to get to Kelowna for an on-call vet.

This has to mean they must watch their pet, family member, experience hours of pain and suffering.

That is so sad.

Adrienne Murphy, Penticton

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