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Kelowna more than just another West End


Kelowna residents owe a debt of gratitude to Richard Drinnan for his column (“City Hall leaving money on the table,” Jan. 20) in which he exposes the misguided financial management of our city by the current council. Instead of assigning developmen­t costs where they belong (the developer), this council too readily foists them on the taxpayer. This contribute­s to the above inflation rate tax increases that Kelowna residents have endured for the past decade.

While Drinnan focuses on the economic mismanagem­ent by the current council, many believe that it can also be charged with lacking imaginatio­n with respect to Kelowna’s future. Surely our planning department and council could have come with something more creative than simply wanting to recreate Vancouver’s West End in Kelowna’s downtown.

Kelowna deserves better than a growth at any cost council that has rarely encountere­d a variance it doesn’t like. We must work to ensure that in the next election voters can choose from a list of candidates who put the interests of taxpayers ahead of developers, who will at least consider placing limits on growth, and who can envision a future for Kelowna other than variance driven sky scrapers.

Chris Fibiger, Kelowna

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