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Three Tim­mins Rock play­ers have been named to NOJHL East Royal for the Eastern Canada Cup Chal­lenge.

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Three mem­bers of the Tim­mins Rock will suit up with Team NOJHL East Royal dur­ing the Eastern Canada Cup Chal­lenge at the Dun­can McDon­ald Me­mo­rial Gar­dens in Tren­ton, from Nov. 19-21.

Up front, Rock cap­tain Derek Seguin (21, 16-11-27, 8) — the NOJHL’s goal-scor­ing leader — will be joined by line­mate Ri­ley Ro­bitaille (21, 5-10-15, 30).

Join­ing the two Tim­mins for­wards will be Rock blue-liner Josh An­der­son (20, 2-12-14, 37).

The two goalies on Team NOJHL East Royal are Joe Vr­betic (571:00, 6-3-0-0, 0, 2.84, .935), of the Powas­san Voodoos, and Gregory Bras­sard (714:00, 10-1-0-0, 1, 1.85, .934) of the Kirk­land Lake Gold Min­ers.

In ad­di­tion to An­der­son, the Team NOJHL East Royal blue­line fea­tures Quinn Sch­nei­d­miller (19, 5-5-10, 32), of the Gold­min­ers, Cam Moore (12, 2-5-7, 20), of the Voodoos, Alec John­son (2, 0-33, 2), of the Hearst Lum­ber­jacks, Ethan Emanuel (21, 2-8-10, 14) and Ryan Mooney (20, 3-5-8, 26), of the Cochrane Crunch.

Up front, Seguin and Ro­bitaille will be joined by Levi Siau (18, 4-10-14, 12), of the French River Rapids, Jake De­sando (19, 9-16-25, 6) and Raphael La­cours (12, 5-38, 20), of the Hearst Lum­ber­jacks, Sam El­wood (4, 3-1-4, 2), Gregory Trudeau-Pa­quet (19, 12-12-24, 18), and Vinny DeSanc­tis (16, 5-813, 16), of the Gold­min­ers, Zach Hayes (22, 5-11-16, 6) and Justin Bof­shever (22, 5-7-12, 36), of the Crunch, David Campbell (21, 8-1119, 6) and Cade Herd (21, 13-20-33, 6), of the Voodoos.

Di­rec­tor of op­er­a­tions for Team NOJHL East Royal is Paul Frustaglio, of the Rapids.

The coach is Ryan Leonard, of the Crunch, while Max Gavin, of the Voodoos and Ryan Wood, of the Gold Min­ers, will serve as his as­sis­tants.

Corey Regich, of the Voodoos, will serve as team’s ath­letic therapist and equip­ment man­ager.

Rock fans may be won­der­ing about Ro­bitaille’s abil­ity to par­tic­i­pate in the tour­na­ment given that by the time the puck drops, he will have only served five games of his seven-game sus­pen­sion for the check­ing to the head ma­jor penalty he picked up at the con­clu­sion of Satur­day’s loss to the Soo Ea­gles.

GM Kevin Peever noted, how­ever, that Ro­bitaille can in­deed take part in the tour­na­ment, with the sixth and sev­enth games of his sus­pen­sion to be served af­ter it con­cludes.

Con­versely, Wood’s fourgame sus­pen­sion for mak­ing a trav­esty of the game dur­ing Fri­day’s win over the vis­it­ing Blind River Beavers will be fin­ished be­fore ac­tion gets un­der­way.

When any kind of all-star team of this na­ture is se­lected, there is some de­gree of con­tro­versy about those who are picked and those who are left off the team.

For Rock fans, the ob­vi­ous omis­sion would be goalie Tyler Master­nak (1025:00, 12-4-1-0, 4, 2.22, .910),

Master­nak has played more min­utes than any other goalie in the NOJHL, leads the league in wins and shutouts, has the third-best goals against av­er­age — rank­ing him be­hind only Bras­sard and his Gold Min­ers team­mate Daw­son Rodin (366:00, 5-2-0-0, 3, 1.97, .939).

In case you were won­der­ing, Vr­betic is 12th in min­utes played, sev­enth in wins, has no shutouts, and he is 12th in goals against av­er­age.

In fact, the only cat­e­gory in which Vr­betic has su­pe­rior sta­tis­tics is saves per­cent­age, with his .935 rank­ing sec­ond, while Master­nak’s .910 is 14th best.

Some other no­table ex­clu­sions from Team NOJHL East Royal in­clude Voodoos for­ward Tomas Yachmenev (21, 11-11-22, 2), Lum­ber­jacks for­ward Max Grif­fioen (19, 11-9-20, 12), Rapids for­ward Will Frustaglio (19, 8-12-20, 10), Gold Min­ers for­ward Alex Elie (19, 5-14-19, 10), Lum­ber­jacks blue-liner Maxim Lacroix (19, 2-15-17, 40), Rapids blue- liner Con­nor Loft (20, 6-8-14, 22), Voodoos blue-liner Eric Al­lair (20, 3-10-13, 31) and Rock blue-liner Will Cas­ton (20, 1-9-10, 31).

These omis­sions are even more per­plex­ing, of course, given that two of the play­ers cho­sen — John­son on the blue-line and El­wood up front — have played fewer than five games in the NOJHL this sea­son.

The goal­tend­ing tan­dem for Team NOJHL West Pow­der in­cludes Gar­ret Boy­onoski (597:00, 3-4-20, 0, 3.12, .911), of the Blind River Beavers, and Colin Ah­ern (664:00, 9-2-0-0, 0, 2.35, .922), of the Soo Thun­der­birds.

Team NOJHL West Pow­der’s blue­line con­sists of Ryan O’Bon­sawin (4, 0-3-3, 6) and Zach Snow (23, 0-10-10, 13), of the Ray­side-Bal­four Cana­di­ans, Ryan Mul­li­gan (22, 7-1017, 30), of the Blind River Beavers, Steven Bellini (18, 4-16-20, 8) and Kobe Seguin (19, 1-4-5, 12), of the Soo Thun­der­birds, and Brendan Blair (21, 8-7-15, 26), of the Soo Ea­gles.

Up front, Team NOJHL West Pow­der’s ros­ter in­cludes Kobe Keller (2, 0-1-1, 4), of the Soo Ea­gles, Ben­jamin Hatanaka (22, 7-11-18, 4), Evan Krassey (18, 6-7-13, 29) and Brady Mal­tias (22, 5-5-10, 57), of the Ray­side-Bal­four Cana­di­ans, Lucas The­ri­ault (19, 14-13-27, 15), Nick Smith (17, 10-8-18, 21), Kaidan Mac­Don­ald (19, 6-7-13, 14) and Noah Bo­man (19, 8-18-26, 15), of the Soo Thun­der­birds, Brendan Young (22, 8-19-27, 24) and Caleb Serre (22, 11-19-30, 27), of the Blind River Beavers, Chase Lammi (20, 5-7-12, 10), of the Es­panola Ex­press, and Josh Bi­folchi (20, 8-3-11, 31), of the El­liot Lake Wild­cats.

The ar­eas of con­tention with Team NOJHL West Pow­der are sim­i­lar to those with Team NOJHL East Royal — goal­tend­ing and the in­clu­sion of a pair of play­ers, blue-liner O’Bon­sawin and for­ward Keller, who have played fewer than five games this sea­son.

Boy­onoski, who plays for Team NOJHL West Pow­der coach Kyle Brick, ranks 17th in wins, 14th in goals against av­er­age and 13th in saves per­cent­age.

Any­one who has seen him play knows Boy­onoski is a qual­ity goal­tender, but is he more de­serv­ing than El­liot Lake’s Justin Vertesi who sits 16th in wins, but fifth in goals against av­er­age and fifth in saves per­cent­age, or the Ea­gles’ Joseph Benedetto, cur­rently sixth in wins, eighth in goals against av­er­age and 11th in saves per­cent­age?

The list of West Divi­sion blue­lin­ers by­passed in­cludes Ethan Lavallee (23, 5-12-17, 18), of the Cana­di­ans, Dante Cava­liere (20, 2-11-13, 0), of the Beavers, and Mark Perone (21, 1-11-12, 32).

Up front, those over­looked by the se­lec­tors in­clude Con­nor Tay­lor (21, 12-7-19, 0), of the Wild­cats, Ri­ley Nadeau (22, 9-10-19, 8), of the Beavers, Caleb Wood (20, 11-6-17, 10), of the Ea­gles, and Kyle Li­ina­maa (22, 8-8-16, 12), of the Cana­di­ans.

Team NOJHL West Pow­der’s di­rec­tor of op­er­a­tions is Grant Trayner, of the Ex­press, while the Beavers’ Brick is the coach and his as­sis­tants are Dave Clancy, of the Ex­press, and Zolton ‘Toots’ Ko­vacs, of the Thun­der­birds.

Der­ick Bates, of the Beavers, will serve as the ath­letic therapist, while Brian Work­man, of the Ex­press will be the equip­ment man­ager.

Team NOJHL East Royal is sched­uled to open the Eastern Canada Cup Chal­lenge against Team QJAAAHL St.Louis, Mon­day, Nov. 19.

They will then take on Team CCHL Yz­er­man on Tues­day, Nov. 20, be­fore fin­ish­ing up against Team OJHL Cof­fey on Wed­nes­day, Nov. 21.

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Tim­mins Rock for­ward Derek Seguin, shown here tak­ing a draw against Powas­san Voodoos for­ward Henry Scott dur­ing a game at the McIn­tyre Arena on Oct. 21, head­lines the Team NOJHL East Royal ros­ter se­lected for the Eastern Canada Cup Chal­lenge at the at Dun­can McDon­ald Me­mo­rial Gar­dens, from Nov. 19-21. Seguin’s 16 goals lead the NOJHL and he cur­rently is tied for third in the scor­ing race.


Tim­mins Rock blue-liner Josh An­der­son, shown here in ac­tion dur­ing a game against the French River Rapids at the McIn­tyre Arena on Oct. 5, has been named to Team NOJHL East Royal for the Eastern Canada Cup Chal­lenge at the Dun­can McDon­ald Me­mo­rial Gar­dens in Tren­ton, from Nov. 19-21. An­der­son split the 2017-18 sea­son be­tween the Rock and the QMJHL’s Ri­mouski Océanic.




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