Don’t fall prey to the ‘late fall blahs’

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From late au­tumn to the be­gin­ning of win­ter, this is one of the most emo­tional times of the year.

day­light is get­ting shorter, colder tem­per­a­tures, nasty wet and windy weather, fallen de­cay­ing leaves stuck to wet side­walks, bare spooky-look­ing trees reach­ing for the north­ern sky.

there is frost and some snow, but not enough to make it a win­ter won­der­land.

al of this makes it a bor­ing, dis­cour­ag­ing and un­friendly time of year, es­pe­cially in North­east­ern on­tario’s quiet and still some­what laid-back com­mu­ni­ties, in­clud­ing tim­mins, where ther are days fill with dull­ness, sad­ness and wor­ries in this al­ready stress­ful world we’re liv­ing in.

in this time of year, some peo­ple will fall prey to the “late fall blahs” (though not as se­ri­ous as the “win­ter blues”).

the blahs do not af­fect ev­ery­one but it does af­fect dif­fer­ent peo­ple in dif­fer­ent ways.

Peo­ple start to feel tired and lazy, don’t want to get out of bed or leave the house and tend to be by them­selves.

Some have lit­tle or no willpower nor en­ergy — let­ting them­selves get down and slump­ing into un­hap­pi­ness.

all of th­ese are signs “the blahs” are creep­ing onto you.

No need to let that hap­pen. there are sev­eral self-help things that cost noth­ing or very lit­tle which peo­ple can do for them­selves to avoid or to get rid of th­ese an­noy­ing blahs.

For ex­am­ple, get out of the house as much as pos­si­ble. do some min­gling, vis­it­ing or vol­un­teer­ing. tim hor­tons and other places are ideal meet­ing places. do some store brows­ing; take a long tim­mins city bus ride, things like that.

there are sev­eral things peo­ple can do at home that will help make you feel bet­ter and hap­pier.

take de-stres­sor breaks from your com­put­ers and iPhones; freshen up and re-ar­range your home by re­de­ploy­ing some ac­ces­sories, us­ing colour­ful ta­ble cloths, table­ware, cur­tains, etc. re-ar­range some fur­ni­ture; get a hold of some house plants.

also some per­sonal groom­ing for a neat ap­pear­ance and chang­ing in dif­fer­ent cloth­ing will have a most pos­i­tive ef­fect on a per­son, giv­ing them a happy and proud feel­ing.

don’t keep all your nice cloth­ing for a spe­cial day. life is short as it is, so make ev­ery day a spe­cial day and don’t even give th­ese silly blahs a chance to sneak up on you.

Karl Habla,


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