UN pact un­der­mines Cana­dian sovereignty

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Open let­ter to lib­eral mem­bers of par­lia­ment:

When leona alleslev crossed the floor to join the con­ser­va­tives on sept. 17, 2018, i was im­pressed when she said, “a coun­try, its sovereignty and (its) val­ues are frag­ile, vig­i­lance in de­fend­ing our na­tion’s free­dom, and ser­vice to coun­try, is who i am.”

When i left the mil­i­tary, i hung up my uni­form, but i never “unswore” my oath

ms. alleslev’s mil­i­tary oath was not un­like your oath on be­com­ing a mem­ber of Par­lia­ment where mPs pledge to con­duct him-or her­self in the best in­ter­est of the coun­try.

Ob­vi­ously, ms. alleslev gave great cre­dence to her oath(s).

“my oath is to coun­try, not party, and my sa­cred obli­ga­tion is to serve my con­stituents,” said alleslev. “my duty is to stand and by counted. i must do what is right, not what is easy.”

Feel­ing that the Trudeau lib­er­als were not do­ing what was best for canada and, “leav­ing av­er­age cana­di­ans to de­spair that “their to­mor­row will (not) be bet­ter than to­day, and that their chil­dren’s fu­ture will (not) be bet­ter than theirs,” she crossed the floor to try to do the best she can for canada as a con­ser­va­tive.

i am ask­ing you as a lib­eral mP who took an oath like ms. alleslev to do what is best for canada, to do what is right, for canada now, not what is easy.

mr. Trudeau is about to sign, on be­half of cana­di­ans, the United Na­tions Pact on im­mi­gra­tion. he is with his ac­tions ig­nor­ing again the rules and con­ven­tions of demo­cratic gover­nance. To sign this pact is a se­ri­ous and im­por­tant change to the gover­nance of canada and mr. Trudeau is sign­ing as an au­to­crat rather than a demo­cratic leader.

he has no man­date from the cana­dian peo­ple to sign, as the ques­tion has never been pre­sented to the cana­dian peo­ple for their ac­cep­tance or re­jec­tion by a vote. he has no le­gal au­thor­ity from the cana­dian house of com­mons as he has not in­tro­duced, de­bated or had passed any leg­is­la­tion sup­ported by the house of com­mons to al­low this se­ri­ous change to cana­dian law and sovereignty.

i might add that by his ac­tions, he may be con­duct­ing trea­son for if trea­son is de­fined as any act di­rected at the over­throw of the gov­ern­ment or against the se­cu­rity of the state. Then, mr. Trudeau is def­i­nitely putting the safety of the state in jeop­ardy and by act­ing with­out par­lia­men­tary ap­proval he is sub­vert­ing the demo­cratic process.

Please, for the sake of this great coun­try, canada, that we all are so for­tu­nate to live in, in­form mr. Trudeau that you do not sup­port his ef­forts to un­der­mine cana­dian sovereignty. Gaye Smith,

Pais­ley, Ont.

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