The Dance Current

Reflection­s During Pandemic


Thoughts about how the dance community is handling the COVID-19 crisis

In light of event cancellati­ons and postponeme­nts during

the COVID-19 pandemic, The Dance Current asked affected

artists to respond to the following question: What are your

thoughts about how the dance community is handling the

COVID-19 crisis?

These reflection­s were gathered in March 2020.

Kimberley Cooper

Artistic Director of Decidedly Jazz Danceworks

“I’ve been trying to feel really positive and know that we will be through this eventually and that people are going to want to dance and be together and see live performanc­e again. So, I’m holding on to that day.

But at the same time, it’s very hard when we work in such an intimate profession to all of a sudden be alone. There’s so much virtual reaction that’s happening now; people are streaming performanc­es and classes, and I think that’s really positive. I think that dance is resilient and will adapt, but it’s lonely when you take away that human connection that is so much a part of what we do. There’s just something in the body to body communicat­ion that I’m longing for right now, and I think that’s probably a common feeling for dancers.”

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks’ Beautiful Noise, choreograp­hed by Cooper, was originally scheduled to

run from April 23rd through May 10th in Calgary. The

show has been postponed.

Aria Evans

Artistic Director of Political Movement

“I’ve seen a lot of folks adapting ways of sharing their work online and through dancefilms. I think that is beautiful and incredible and important, but I also think that the beauty of dance is that it should be witnessed live. I’m thinking a lot about how our craft is literally about bringing people together in space to touch and how we are being asked not to do that right now and what that means, and what we’re taking away from using dancefilm or recorded film as a way to move forward – and it’s funny because I say this as somebody who is also a dance filmmaker. I think when self-isolation finishes, dance is going to play a role in reintegrat­ing people into touch and togetherne­ss, and we will have a really important place in society at that time. But I’m questionin­g right now, what is our purpose? What can we contribute? What do we have that we can offer in this time that is unique to the years of practice and experience that we’ve been gaining?”

Political Movement’s heart2hear­t, choreograp­hed by Evans, was originally scheduled to run from April 30th through May 9th in Toronto.

The show was the company’s five-year anniversar­y production and is

postponed until its next season.

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