The Dance Current


“Digital Uprising,”

- Jillian Groening is an artist and writer currently based in Winnipeg.

This conversati­on began in January 2021 when, at a virtual gathering of dance critics hosted by The Dance Current, questions began to arise around the analysis of digital performanc­e works. It had been almost a year since anyone had experience­d a performanc­e in person and, in speaking from our positions as dance critics, it became clear that not only does electronic culture continue to change the ways in which we perceive our environmen­ts, thus changing our experience of the environmen­t itself, but that electronic media inherently transforms, and demands a revision of, the aesthetic categories used to evaluate performanc­e. These points of discussion extended into emails and phone and video calls with numerous dance artists from across Canada, each conversati­on informing the direction of this article.

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