The Dance Current


“Freeing My Body,” p. 15

- Maura García (non-enrolled Cherokee/Mattamuske­et) is a dancer, choreograp­her and erotic artist.

I am a dancer, choreograp­her and erotic artist on a journey of liberation and decoloniza­tion. I hope as many of us as possible can make this journey, and I will help in whatever way my gifts allow. I am reclaiming my body and spirit in all wholeness from patriarcha­l, colonial-style, false humbleness, from the repressed puritan rhetoric which is actually shame. The shame of dance, free movement, sex, relaxation, nakedness, masturbati­on, touching, flesh and basically

all things that are free, accessible and built into our bodies on purpose as gifts from spirit. Along with our lives, nations, languages, lifeways and identities, the system has also attempted to annihilate our pleasure and the freedom of our bodies. As an Indigenous woman and as a profession­al dancer, I am reclaiming my sexual power and my sensual body. I am reclaiming the expression of what

was always ours.

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