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Edi­tor The Drumheller Mail Dear Edi­tor,

Last week in ev­ery weekly pa­per there was an ad from the com­mit­tees of the leg­isla­tive as­sem­bly of Al­berta look­ing for in­put on ways to grow and di­ver­sify our agri-foods sec­tors. Specif­i­cally, ways to di­ver­sify, value add pro­duc­tions, small busi­ness op­por­tu­ni­ties and help lo­cal food pro­duc­tions. One way to achieve this would be to stop the car­bon tax.

We have a rather sub­stan­tial green­house sec­tor in this prov­ince who have done all of the above. Try­ing to run a green­house in Al­berta in the win­ter has to be enough of a chal­lenge without the govern­ment work­ing against you. I re­cently read an ar­ti­cle on a green­house by Medicine Hat who has all the en­ergy sav­ing de­vices avail­able to him, al­ready in­stalled. En­ergy cur­tains, heat stor­age tanks etc. He be­lieves the car­bon tax will add about 65 thou­sand dol­lars next year to his costs, go­ing to 95 thou­sand in 2018.

I know of an­other green­house grow­ing cu­cum­bers us­ing a mod­ern coal fired boiler for heat. The car­bon tax on coal is $35.39 per tonne in 2017 go­ing to $53.09 per tonne in 2018. At his cur­rent use, if it stays cold he will be pay­ing over 4 thou­sand dol­lars per week in Jan­uary for the car­bon tax. How can any busi­ness take a hit like that? And for what? All so we can feel good about our­selves at night?

The NDP wants to go green but there isn’t any­thing that can re­li­ably re­place fos­sil fuel at the mo­ment. The other night it was mi­nus 24 de­grees Cel­sius, and ac­cord­ing to the AESO web­site the prov­ince was us­ing over 11 thou­sand MW of power, wind was sup­ply­ing 7 MW of power, yes 7, and it was dark so I don’t think so­lar was help­ing out much. I’m not sure about your fur­nace but mine needs elec­tric­ity to keep the house warm. In­stead of shoot­ing our­selves in the foot be­cause of some ide­ol­ogy, we should be con­cen­trat­ing on clean tech­nol­ogy such as Saskatchew­an’s car­bon cap­ture at the Boundry Dam coal fired power plant, which I un­der­stand has less emis­sions than a nat­u­ral gas power plant. This makes way more sense than shiv­er­ing in the dark won­der­ing what went wrong. It seems like the NDP won’t be happy un­til we are all on wel­fare be­cause then we will need the govern­ment, to di­rect us to the near­est sou­pline.

Wish­ing your read­ers a Merry Christ­mas and a happy, although it looks like less pros­per­ous, New Year. Duanne Veno

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