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The Drumheller Mail - - IN THE VALLEY 2017 -

mon Ch urch supp er a t t he Delia Hall on F ri­day nig ht, where a great many chil­dren met the jolly old elf and got to sit on his la p and r eceive a g ift! S o, if S anta is in t he area t hat me ans you had bet­ter be very good, be­cause Santa sees and knows ev­ery- thing! S oon he w ill have to go home t o the Nor th Pole to ge t r eady t o make hi s rounds on Chr ist­mas night, in the me an­time he w ill b e mak­ing s ev­eral ot her a ppear­ances in Al­berta ar­eas. D ates to re­mem­ber: Duelling Pi anos a tt he Com­mu­nity Hall on S atur­day, De­cem­ber 9. The An­nual General Meet­ing of the Delia Ag So­ci­ety is go­ing to take place at the D elia Comm unity Hall on W ed­nes­day, D ecem­ber 13, at 7 p.m. Ev­ery­one is en­cour­aged to at­tend.

Christmas p ot luck and gift e xchange a t t he Dr op In Cen­tre on Th urs­day, De­cem­ber 14, at noon sharp.

The Delia Fam­ily Chr ist­mas Dinner The ater, “Away From a Manger ” w ill ha ppen on Satur­day, De­cem­ber 16, and S un­day, D ecem­ber 17, at the Com­mu­nity Cen­tre. T ick­ets ar ea vail­able at t he High­land Mar ket or from Sar­a­lyn Stel.

Here ar e t he r evised li­brary hours f or now un til sum­mer: M on­day – 2:30 to 6 p.m.; W ed­nes­day 2:30 to 6 p.m.;Thurs­day 3:30 to 5 p.m.; Fri­day 2:30 t o 7 p.m.; and t he first S atur­day of each month open 9 a.m. un­til 12 noon.

Can you find t he D elia Li­brary N utcracker in t he Delia Comm unity? L ibrary staff will be hid­ing the Delia Li­brary N utcracker ar ound the c om­mu­nity b egin­ning De­cem­ber 1, un til D ecem­ber 20. If you find t he nutcracker t ake a s elfie of you and t he n utcracker and post it on t he Delia Li­brary Face­book p age. All s elfie posts will be en­tered into a draw for a Christmas Bas­ket with tons of cool gifts to be drawn on De­cem­ber 21.

Jazzer­cise a tt he D elia School Gy m f rom 7 t o 8 p.m. Mon­days and Wed­nes­days w ith in­str uc­tor Kim Thomp­son. Cla sses a t t he Ma­son Hall 9 – 10 a . m. on Tues­days and Th urs­days. Girl Force – un­til De­cem­ber 31, 2017, all g irls age d 16 –21 get un­lim­ited classes for FREE. No ja zzer­cise classes from Th urs­day, D ecem­ber 21, t o J an­uary 7, 2018. Classes r es­ume on J an­uary 8, 2018.

Join Amand a on F ri­day evenings to le arn about e ssen­tial oil st o he lp k ick that cold to the curb. Walk away w ith home­made E uca­lyp­tus va­por rub you w ill make. Regis­ter with Leah or Amanda at 403 364 3777 t o at­tend. Chr ist­mas An­nual Used Book Sale will be De­cem­ber 11 - 21 2017. 0p en dur ing reg­u­lar li­brary hours. Ta­bles will b e s et w ith n umer­ous used b ooks for sale. This i s a great stocking stuffer idea and a g reat way to stock up on your win­ter read­ing!

Youth night at the li­brar y ev­ery Fri­day from 3:30 un­til 5 p.m. Amanda will be hav­ing ac­tiv­i­ties for youth . On De­cem­ber 15 Amand a w ill be mak ing c ute lit tle ligh t bulb or­na­ments, come have fun on Fri­days.

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