Drumheller ex­pects pos­i­tive change in 2018

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Drumheller t ook t he mean­ing ‘Ne w ye ar, Ne w me.’ se­ri­ously af­ter se­lect­ing a ne w c oun­cil and ma yor with a f reshly r en­o­vated pool to match.

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The Mail

ith Drumheller’s Mayor Heather Colb erg about the ex­cit­ing st art t o t he ne w ye ar. She started by talk­ing about ex­plor­ing a ne w stra te­gic plan­ning t ask f orce and con­firm­ing the town’s strate­gic plan for this year.

“I look for­ward to get­ting our stra te­gic plan in plac e and ge tting t hat go­ing f or­ward to fig­ure out wha t we are try­ing to ac­com­plish this year,” said Col­berg. “And I’m re­ally ex­cited to get the task force on t he go, t hat’ll be a three month pro­gram so we will s ee af ter three months what we c an ac com­plish there.”

The mayor has been thor­oughly en joy­ing her p os­i­tion th­ese past few months. “I did ge t t he b est j ob in Drumheller and I’ m lov - ing it and p eo­ple have been amaz­ing and supp ortive,” said Col­berg. “There is a h uge le arn­ing curve but I t hink t he b est part is t hat p eo­ple ar e g iv­ing this coun­cil a chance.” Colb erg men­tioned that some chal­lenge s t he c om­mu­nity ma y f ace r elate t o provin­cial is­sue s like c annabis le gal­iza­tion and an in­creased car­bon tax. Flood mit­i­ga­tion is an on­go­ing pri­or­ity when it c omes t o lo­cal scale.

“That [ cannabis] is go­ing to add s ome c om­pli­ca­tions to our byla ws and ot her projects,” said Col­berg.

Coun­cil w ill als o r eview data f rom t he F am­ily and Com­mu­nity Supp ort S er­vices (FCSS) eco­nomic sur­vey that was held in Oc­to­ber and Novem­ber. Sur­vey­ing is still in pr ogress but s ome data has been re­leased from an ini­tial s et of we bsite re­sponses.

“The stra te­gic plan is all things t hat p eo­ple ha ve asked about and want­ing for the c om­mu­nity. F or e xam­ple, we’ re obv iously go­ing to deal with the flood mit­i­ga­tion but it r eally is a bout re­view­ing all t he FC SS a ssess­ment.”

Mayor Colb erg is alr eady im­pressed by t he c oun­cil’s ef­fort and dr ive to cre­ate a bet­ter Drumheller. “I don ’t obv iously ha ve ex­pe­ri­ence but c oun­cil is work­ing very hard and I am very im­pressed by t heir ef­forts,” said Col­berg.

Heather Col­berg… Mayor of Drumheller Terri Hux­ley

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