Trea­sured Bi­ble re­turns to St. Ma­gloire’s Church

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The St. Ma­gloire’s Angli­can Church is one Bi­ble richer af­ter a Salmon Arm, B.C., thrift store vol­un­teer stum­bled upon the 93 year old ar­ti­fact.

The 1925 Bi­ble con­tains old flyer’s and re­ceipts that are scrib­bled with notes and act as book­marks. One weekly news­let­ter in par­tic­u­lar was orig­i­nally from the Drumheller based church, with an in­ter­est­ing say­ing on it; ‘ Pes­simism sees a dif­fi­culty in every op­por­tu­nity. Op­ti­mism sees an op­por­tu­nity in every dif­fi­culty.’

Jeanetta Zorn of Salmon Arm, B.C., found the Bi­ble while sort­ing through do­nated books and de­cided to keep it be­cause she felt it held value. Zorn ex­am­ined it at home and dis­cov­ered the news­let­ter.

“It was through that Bi­ble that I knew where the Bi­ble had to at least, at some point, come from,” said Zorn. “I thought, ‘I’m go­ing to see if this Bi­ble wants to go back home.’”

Zorn con­tacted The Mail to find a per­son to speak with about re­turn­ing the ar­ti­fact. She even­tu­ally mailed it to Doug Wade, an ac­tive mem­ber of the St. Ma­gloire's Angli­can Church. He has also acted as the deputy war­den and par­tic­i­pated in the church choir over the years.

“We don’t of­ten have that op­por­tu­nity you know,” con­tin­ued Zorn. “We’re huck­ing out old books and putting stuff out on the shelf so this was kind of a re­ally neat thing to have hap­pen as a vol­un­teer and just be­ing able to do that be­cause it could have just as eas­ily fallen into some­body’s hands that would have heaved it.”

The Bi­ble’s de­tailed notes are of what is most likely from a Bishop who was pre­par­ing ser­mons dur­ing Sun­day mass many years ago. As a way to keep the speech pure, no writ­ten speeches were made so the Bishop would con­duct an im­promptu speech only guided by th­ese tiny notes.

A few names have been iden­ti­fied from the as­sort­ment of book­marks that line its pages; A. MacPhail, Canon W.P. Griffins (Rec­tor), and Mr. John Henry Tar­buck.

It is be­lieved that the Bi­ble was Tar­buck’s based on a leaflet that has his name ad­dressed as well as a stamp with the date Septem­ber 21, ‘38.

Tar­buck lived in the Dun­phy area where his grave is lo­cated in the Home­lands Ceme­tery.

The Mail looked through di­rect archives and found Tar-

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buck’s name in the Jan­uary 31, 1946 is­sue as his obit­u­ary was printed on the front page.

The obit­u­ary stated that he was sur­vived by his wife, one son; Jack Tar­buck, three daugh­ters; Mary Lowen, Fanny Clark, and Olive McKinnon, and six grand­chil­dren; Ken­neth Lowen, Ralph Lowen, Jack Lowen, Tom Lowen, Hugh McKinnon and Ray Burgess.

“I’m very thrilled with this Bi­ble that’s found its way back home,” said Wade. “For some­body to carry that around … it’s so neat that it was saved,” con­tin­ued Wade. “Ob­vi­ously, he has been gone from ‘46 so that’s 70 years ago that his fam­ily packed it around as well. It’s so neat by every­body, for his fam­ily to carry that around for 70 years and then for the lady in B.C. to say ‘ This has value’ and it does.”

Wade plans to take the Bi­ble to the next church meet­ing to de­cide what to do with it. Or re­turn­ing it to who they be­lieve may be the fam­ily that last owned the Bi­ble.

“I sus­pect that it will go to the Cal­gary Angli­can Cathe­dral,” said Wade.

mailphoto by Terri Hux­ley

Doug Wade, ac­tive mem­ber of the St. Ma­gloire’s Angli­can Church in Drumheller holds up a re­cently re­turned Bi­ble dat­ing back as early as 1925 based on notes found as book­marks within on Fri­day, Jan­uary 5, 2018. The bi­ble was found in Salmon Arm, B.C. at...

mailphoto by Terri Hux­ley

A col­lec­tion of notes, letters, and news­pa­per ar­ti­cles along­side the his­toric Bi­ble in the top right cor­ner. The faded yel­low let­ter has mul­ti­ple tiny notes of bi­ble verses but also has the name ‘Mr. Tar­buck’ ad­dressed in loose cur­sive writ­ing. Mr....

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