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Edi­tor The Drumheller Mail Dear Edi­tor,

Alberta’s power is un­der threat.

Large multi­na­tional cor­po­ra­tions are ag­gres­sively elim­i­nat­ing lo­cal in­de­pen­dent power providers. Shock­ingly, our Gov­ern­ment’s reg­u­la­tory regime has en­abled th­ese takeovers and stacked the deck against lo­cal Alberta-owned and op­er­ated power providers.

A Big Power Mo­nop­oly will make life less af­ford­able for all Al­ber­tans.

When com­pe­ti­tion is elim­i­nated choice goes down, rates go up, and lo­cal cus­tomer ser­vice is lost. The mar­ket fail­ures of mo­nop­o­lies are well es­tab­lished. This will im­pact ev­ery sin­gle Al­ber­tan fam­ily and busi­ness. It doesn’t mat­ter who your cur­rent power provider is.

Lo­cal in­de­pen­dent power providers play an im­por­tant role in forc­ing the large multi­na­tion­als to be com­pet­i­tive. If we al­low the com­pe­ti­tion to be wiped out, monthly power bill rate hikes are right around the corner.

I’m tired of pay­ing sky high dis­tri­bu­tion fees in my monthly power bill. And while elec­tric­ity rates are capped, dis­tri­bu­tion fees are not. Dear Alberta Gov­ern­ment, we know the dif­fer­ence!

I call on the Alberta Gov­ern­ment to Stop The Power Mo­nop­oly and pre­vent en­ergy dis­tri­bu­tion rate hikes.

I en­cour­age my neigh­bours to learn more at www.StopThePow­erMono­ply.ca and join me in tak­ing ac­tion now be­fore it’s too late. Sin­cerely, Nor­man Kous­trup Edi­tor The Drumheller Mail Dear Edi­tor;

The Mail has ar­rived ... oh, how I love to hear on ra­dio 910 and then the pa­per that I read from front to back. The Royal Tyrrell Mu­seum - the jewel of the Drumheller Val­ley. The prob­lem you state in your let­ter to Ms. Not­ley and her ill in­formed cau­cus and min­is­ters was so very well writ­ten. Your thoughts, which you so aptly stated, are bang on. This N.D.P. Gov­ern­ment and its min­ions have to go. I have, and will not stop, writ­ing her and the min­is­ters of their poor per­for­mance. To date, I have not re­ceived one re­ply to my let­ters. I have al­ways been re­spect­ful in my crit­i­cisms but I guess they just don’t care for my opin­ions. I am not in any unions and have never run for gov­ern­ment.

Ossie, I truly love the Tyrrell and have brought so many peo­ple there to see my his­tory of grow­ing up in Drumheller. An older per­son now but my roots are al­ways in the hills of home, Drumheller. The Tyrrell and their dis­play of dear Mr. Wil­liam Fulton’s col­lec­tion is so beau­ti­ful. Mr. and Mrs. Fulton were our close neigh­bours and we young peo­ple were very, very priv­i­leged to be in­vited to their home to see the beau­ti­ful rock col­lec­tion. I can now see in my mind’s mem­o­ries of how my own ob­ses­sion with all rocks and some fos­silized re­mains I have col­lected over the years be­gan. We lived in the hills and swim­ming in the river and lots of pic­nics in that area. When we were kids we would keep those rocks and there was no fine for haul­ing them home in a wagon. We had no car - no money for that extravagan­ce - my Dad said, “Hey you kids, walk and play, it’s good for you, good ex­er­cise.”

Thank you for a great pa­per. I will sub­scribe un­til the day I am off to an­other place... sure hope it’s like the Drumheller Val­ley. Re­spect­fully yours, Mary Guter­son Camp­bell

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