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In the past month I’ve spent money on fatty food and beer out of stress. And I’m not feel­ing good at all. I just want to live a healthy sober life so as of tonight, I’m cut­ting the chips and booze out of my life for good. My new mis­sion is to get skinny again and stay that way.

Some like it hot

I hate elec­tric stove­tops. I hope I never have to live with cook­ing on one for the rest of my life. Once you switch to a gas stove there is no turn­ing back.

Any way is okay

If you’ve been in a re­la­tion­ship with some­one who has been abus­ing you, and you de­cide to end it, I think that any way you do it is okay. Short of phys­i­cal vi­o­lence that is, un­less that’s your only way to es­cape. Peo­ple who act all in­jured and vic­tim­ized be­cause their vic­tim fi­nally got the strength to walk away make me sick. If you’re be­ing an abu­sive jerk then you should ex­pect that sooner or later you’re go­ing to lose that per­son one way or an­other.

I hate my part­ner

My part­ner is a narssas­tic bully. We never talk about any­thing but how fan­tas­tic he is. I’m des­per­ately lonely and count­ing the days un­til I can es­cape. I have dreams of my own home where I will be free from his cru­elty and con­stant de­mands. I hate him so much that some times I’m afraid I will blurt it out. Mean­while ev­ery­one thinks my life is fine... even if my part­ner is a bit of a jerk.

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