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Amer­i­can Thanks­giv­ing pro­duces one of the most trav­elled times of the year. Black Fri­day, an Amer­i­can im­port adopted into Cana­dian cul­ture, pro­duces one of the most lu­cra­tive shop­ping days of the year.

Peo­ple trav­el­ling, cel­e­brat­ing, shop­ping. Sagit­tar­ius month, be­gin­ning Thurs­day, gets a big kick­off not only from U.S. Thanks­giv­ing and Black Fri­day but also from the full moon in Gem­ini. There’s plenty of talk and plenty of ac­tion, too. Per­haps we’ll feel it as too many peo­ple, too many opin­ions or op­tions, and not enough sub­stance, clar­ity, or truth. It could look dif­fer­ent but still add up to the same thing. A full moon in Gem­ini pits the many against the one, the story or the fake news against the truth, or the left brain against the right brain. Watch your blind spot. Ac­ci­dents can hap­pen when we don’t pay close at­ten­tion. Some­thing or some­one could be ex­posed; some­thing lost can be found; some­thing in­ter­rupted can be re­sumed.

One week of Mer­cury ret­ro­grade is now out of the way, and there are two more to go. Use the tran­sit to re­con­nect, re­visit, and re­vise, but re­mem­ber it isn’t the right time to go big with plans, pur­chases, or prom­ises. Don’t take it at face value; don’t buy into the hype. Take ex­tra time to ob­serve and to feel your way along. While the full-moon peak hap­pens late Thurs­day and through the night­time, Fri­day is the one to watch. Don’t as­sume—play it safe and dou­ble-check in­stead. Use added cau­tion and pa­tience. Do not drink and drive. Keep it sim­ple. When in doubt, let it go; can­cel out.

The end of Nep­tune ret­ro­grade on Satur­day can pro­duce a sub­tle shift, an un­der­cur­rent, or defuse re­cent ten­sions or con­fu­sion. Pay at­ten­tion to sig­nals, body lan­guage, and in­tu­ition. Mon­day keeps the ac­tion go­ing strong. Tues­day is an ex­cel­lent day for mak­ing the most of it.

NOVEM­BER 22 TO 28, 2018


July 22–Au­gust 22

One thing leads to an­other Thurs­day/fri­day. Some­thing un­ex­pected could side­track you or get you think­ing along new lines. En­joy but know there’s a propen­sity to go too far, ex­pect too much, or pay too much. Chill out Satur­day/sun­day. Mon­day, there’s stuff to sort out. Right time, right place, right play; the Leo moon loans you great sway and swag­ger on Tues­day.


Au­gust 22–Septem­ber 22 You can feel stretched thin at the end of the week thanks to the full moon. Likely, it isn’t much of a sur­prise. Don’t push it Fri­day. Re­lax, avoid spin­ning wheels for noth­ing. You’ll get bet­ter goods out of Satur­day/sun­day. Go by feel. Back-to-it Mon­day re­quires your all, but as of Tues­day, suc­cess and sat­is­fac­tion are on ready dial-up. LI­BRA

Septem­ber 22–Oc­to­ber 23 Be fore­warned: on Thurs­day/fri­day, it is easy to over­spend or overdo it. Thurs­day to Sun­day can see you find it, re­claim it, re­visit it, re­peat it, or go one bet­ter. Pin it on USA Thanks­giv­ing or not, there can be rea­son to cel­e­brate. Vis­its, news, and catch-up are a big deal. Emo­tions resur­face Mon­day; peo­ple do too. Tues­day, you’ll feel pleased with re­sults.

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