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Wa­ter qual­ity and quan­tity are closely linked, as the vol­ume of wa­ter de­creases, the qual­ity will also be re­duced be­cause there is less wa­ter to di­lute con­tam­i­nants. Com­mu­ni­ties can pro­tect drink­ing wa­ter by re­duc­ing wa­ter con­sump­tion.

Con­sider that a run­ning hose uses 500 litres of wa­ter in an hour. When wash­ing the car try us­ing a bucket and sponge or use a com­mer­cial car wash in­stead of a hose. A leak­ing tap wastes 25 litres of wa­ter a day or 9,000 litres per year. In­stead of let­ting the tap run, use a basin to wash your fruit and veg­eta­bles and give the left­over wa­ter to your pot­ted plants or the gar­den. Bath­tub wa­ter can also be used to wa­ter plants.

Do you leave the tap run­ning when brush­ing your teeth? A run­ning tap loses 6 litres of wa­ter per minute. Spend less time in the shower - - around five min­utes is good. Baths use more than twice the vol­ume of wa­ter as a shower.

PURE SCIENCE: Fil­ter­ing sys­tems can elim­i­nate un­wanted el­e­ments from drink­ing wa­ter, points out Michel La­combe.

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