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Dear Santa,

We have been very good ev­ery day. Thank you for the presents you brought us last year. This year we are wish­ing for: Han­nah - a Spir­its doll Ay­den - Lego Malek - a mon­ster truck Neve - a toy horse Grif­fin K. - a Lego crane Hud­son - a Sea Pa­trol pi­rate boat Ailis - a toy hor­sie Ben - Lego Brook­lyn - a toy kitty with wa­ter Zena - "My Poop­ing Kitty" (FurReal) Bev­erly Ann - LOLs Madi­lyn - a toy cat with a col­lar and leash Zay­den - Thomas Twist­ing Tor­nado set Cooper - Lego Juras­sic Park Sut­ton - "My Poop­ing Kitty" Gabriel - a re­mote con­trol drone Finn­ley - Lego men Ry­lan - talk­ing Spi­derman Rea­gan - a hor­sie Willy - Lego men Pax­ton - Bat­man Lego Rylie - a star Vi­o­let A. - LOL dolls Kaytlin - a kitty play set Please bring a spe­cial present for our friends Noah and Grace.

We will leave you cook­ies and milk and car­rots for the rein­deer. Love the TIGERS Kinder­garten class at Wil­liamstown Pub­lic School

Dear Santa,

We are in Grade One and Two at Wil­liamstown Pub­lic School. We love you and we think you are great! We are won­der­ing how you fit down the chim­ney and how you de­liver presents to mil­lions of kids all around the world in just one night? Please bring each of us a present on Christ­mas Eve. Jake wants a jeep with tracks and bat­ter­ies in­side, please. Please bring Mathias a kids dirt bike with rocket boost and Adyn a baby Hatchi­mal. Please bring Gabriel a Nin­tendo switch and Danika a re­mote con­trol robot dog. Tris­tan would like a toy car and Jonathan would like a hover board, please. Please bring Jay­den a re­mote con­trol robot cat and a Hatchi­mal with a real skate board for Wafaa. Please bring a toy robot for Bre­anna. Colby would like a Gecko car and R.J. would like a stuffed dog. Please bring presents for our friends, Gabriella, Kate and Is­abelle too. We have been very re­spon­si­ble and very kind this year. R.J. and Jonathan wash the dishes, Mathias makes the beds, Danika cleans the ham­ster’s cage, Gabriel and Bre­anna pick up their toys, Jake and Colby feed their dogs, Jay­den feeds his cat and Adyn cleans her bunny’s cage. Tris­tan prac­tised his writ­ing and Wafaa sur­prised her Mom by clean­ing up. Thank you, Santa. You are cool! We love you!

Love, Your friends in Grade 1 and 2 Wil­liamstown Pub­lic School

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