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THIRD GRADE Dear Santa, I heard that you are busy go­ing house to house ev­ery year. I hope I’m not stop­ping you from work­ing. But I re­ally, re­ally, hope you make it to my house. I re­ally like ev­ery­body, I hope all your rein­deer don’t fall from the sky. How is Mrs. Claus do­ing? Does she still make you cho­co­late chip cook­ies? I hope you still have enough magic dust to make it to ev­ery house. I hope you have a Merry Christ­mas.

Sin­cerely, Jesse

Dear Santa, Hi Santa, how is Mrs. Clause do­ing? And how is Ru­dolph do­ing? I will leave some car­rots for all of your Rein­deer. For Christ­mas can I have some Lalaloopsy and Five Nights at Freddy’s toys and some Squishies too please.

From, Sum­mer

Dear Santa, My name is Al­li­son. I would like to know how you and Mrs. Claus are do­ing? I hope you are do­ing OK! I haven’t been very good but I hope you can for­give me. For Christ­mas I would like a rain­bow loom kit, Pikmi Pops, Hatchi­mals, head phones, smelly mark­ers, a sleep mask, a De­scen­dants pil­low, fake nails, and some fin­ger­lings. You don’t have to get me them all.

From, Al­li­son

Dear Santa, How are you? I was good this year. When peo­ple get me mad I would go in­sane, but af­ter I would calm down. For Christ­mas would like please a cam­era, money, clothes, candy, Fidgit stuff, rain­bow loom kit. Merry Christ­mas to you all.

Love, Dry­der

Dear Santa, I wish you a Merry Christ­mas. I hope your magic is big enough for the rein­deer to make it all the way around the world. Santa, may I please have... a tablet, FNAF toys, google play­card, Lego Minecraft and a DS game please and thank you.

Sin­cerely, Ai­den.

Dear Santa, How are you? It must be hard to make presents. How are your rein­deer? How many presents can you make? Have a good night and a Merry Christ­mas and a Happy New Year.

Sin­cerely, Blaze C.

Dear Santa, Hello Santa, I love your work. Why do you make toys when Christ was born on Christ­mas? Sorry for my bad writ­ing. I hope you get the milk, cook­ies, and car­rots for the rein­deer. MERRY CHRIST­MAS!

Yours truly, Cal­ixte Q.

Dear Santa, Hi, my name is Prince. How are you do­ing with your mis­sion com­ing up? I know that it is still Novem­ber, but don’t you need all the presents ready for Christ­mas? I re­ally don’t know what I would want but a mem­ory of my mom and not to be mean to my step mom. Merry Christ­mas Santa! PS I would also like a re­mote con­trol Trans­former be­cause the other one broke.

Yours Truly, Prince AKDS

Dear Santa, Hi my name is Zach. I want a book to read and an X-Maxx and Un­der Ar­mour clothes and a steam card. That’s my Christ­mas list.

Love Zach In­gram

Dear Santa, Santa, I was won­der­ing about how many presents do you give out? How have the rein­deers been? I for­get the names of the rein­deer. How many cook­ies can you eat? What I would like for Christ­mas is a Fureal Friend and an an­i­mal re­mote con­trol. PS Please get back to me!!

Sin­cerely, Abby

Dear Santa, How is your rein­deer do­ing Santa? Are they ready for Christ­mas? Have you watched the Christ­mas Chron­i­cles yet? Santa, do you know what I want, a re­mote con­trol for Christ­mas. Plus is Mrs. Claus do­ing well? Ok thanks Santa. Bye Santa!

Blake Ques­nel

Dear Santa, Hi, I would like to wish you a Merry Christ­mas. I was a good boy this year. What I would like for Christ­mas is a lap­top, a PS4 con­troller, a big Nin­jango Lego set and a rain­bow loom kit. Hope you have a good night be­fore Christ­mas.

Yours truly, Wil­liam

Dear Santa, I like your rein­deer and Merry Christ­mas to you, I want an Xbox 360 and that all.

Love, Lo­gan L.

Dear Santa, How are you Santa? I think I was a good boy this year. This is what I want for Christ­mas . . . Lego, snow globes, Un­der Ar­mour clothes, and Bob­ble Heads. Merry Christ­mas Santa

Sin­cerely, Cooper

Dear Santa, I hope you have a good Christ­mas. You have lots of presents to make. All I want for Christ­mas is noth­ing.

Sin­cerely Dy­lan Moore

Dear Santa, I am won­der­ing how the Elves are do­ing? Will ask my mom and dad if we could put some car­rots out for Prancer. I am ask­ing for a Savage RC truck, Lego, Xbox One game, foot­ball and com­pound bow. Could you ask Mrs. Claus how she is do­ing? Sin­cerely yours,

Tyson W.

Dear Santa, How is Mrs.Claus and the elves? I hope I was a good boy this year? For Christ­mas I want a rain­bow loom kit. Merry Christ­mas to you.

From Rowan

Dear Santa, This year on Christ­mas Eve I get to put the star on the Christ­mas tree. How old are you? Is Ru­dolph a myth? For Christ­mas I would like a hov­er­board. Please read this.

Love, Noah

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