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Dear Santa,

We have been very busy learning our letters and numbers at school. We know that Santa starts with an “S” and there are 5 letters in your name. We also have lots of questions…How do your reindeer fly? How do you make all the toys? Where is the North Pole?

Here is our wish list:

Amara- a Ninja Turtle slide set

Mason- a bouncy castle

Myron- a toy truck

Kurtis- a robot toy

Camden- a trampoline

Emerson- a bouncy castle

William- Megalodon

Novah- building blocks

Nya- a hat

Lucas- Super Mario Lego

Corin- a Yoshi Amiibo

Hunter- a dino monster truck

Avery- a toy unicorn

Jack F.- a Ryan’s World piggy bank Kaylee- a key chain

Finnan- a robot toy

Katelyn- a giant dinosaur

Chancey- a harvester toy

Jillian- magnetic shapes

Duncan- a remote control backhoe Ainsley- a piggy bank

Reid- a toy tractor

Mallory- a sled

Maddax- a remote control combine Dylan- a Playmobil fire station

Bentley- dinosaur Smashers

Sophia- a colouring book

Owen- a Hot Wheels track

Angelina- a butterfly costume

Jad- Hot Wheels

Aaradhya- a princess dress

Calla- a colouring book

Jack B.- a Hot Wheels track

Harsh- a play house

Carraig- a surprise

Kieran- a toy jet

Melody- a toy car

We love you, Santa. We will leave milk and cookies for you on Christmas Eve. Thank you!

From your friends in Kindergart­en at Laggan Public School

Dear Santa,

Can I leave the reindeer candy canes? How is Eddy? I have been good this year. I helped my mom with my baby sister. May I please have a tablet and a book? Fly safely. Sincerely, Jessica

Dear Santa,

How are the reindeer? I have been good this year. I helped my mom clean. May I have a Nerf gun and a iPad? Fly safely.

Sincerely, Tucker

Dear Santa,

How are you? I have been good this year. I am being a good boy this year. May I please have a phone and a four-wheeler? Fly safely.

Sincerely, Walid

Dear Santa,

I have been good. I hope you are well. Are you ready for Christmas this year? May I please have an Xbox? Fly safely.

Sincerely, Meera

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