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Laggan Public School


Grade Two

Dear Santa, My name is Shelby. Thank you for bringing me presents last year. Can you bring back the elf from last year? This year I have been good and kind. I have been helping my friends. Can you get my mom and dad a gift because my mom cleans the house and my dad works hard on the farm? I would really like Barbie camper, a big hatchimal, and a poopsie surprise unicorn.

Love Shelby

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Thank you for bringing me presents last year. This year I have been struggling in class but I promise to try better. I would really like a DS2, PS2 if they make one and a Wii. I would like you to give my mom and my dad money because mom keeps spending dad’s money. Stay Safe!

Love Angus

Dear Santa,

Kirk and I were good this year. This year I ate pizza. I would really like some Fanta pop, and a pet dog and cat. I would really like you to bring Kirk an RC car.

Love Grant

Dear Santa, how are you? Thank you for your support. This year I have been good most of the time. This year I have been helping mom. I would really like all of my little pony set and the castle too. This year I would like you to bring mom and dad something. Daddy has been working really hard and mom makes me tasty lunches and gets me to the bus on time.

Love Lorna-Alice

Dear Santa,

Hi! Thank you for all the presents. This year I am trying to be nice by helping my little sister. I would LOVE if I got a pet ferret and a DS. P.S. I would love if you can get my sister and my BFFs Molly and Haven a present.

Love Isla

Dear Santa,

I know you are working hard! Thank you Santa for the toy swan that was pink. This year I have been good, kinda, I don’t know! I would really like anything but nothing creepy. Dear Santa my friends are really really nice can you give them an extra present please.

Love Molly

P.S. Can I have a cat and dog?

Dear Santa

How are you? Thank you for my American doll bed. This year I have been good. I do the dishwasher for mommy. I would like a numnum. My mommy and my daddy need a present too.

Love Anna

Dear Santa,

I hope you are safe. Thank you for giving me presents. This year I have been trying to be nice. I would really like a big fluffy fake bear. Not a real bear. Can you give my mom and dad real money because they have been nice to me? Love Mitchell

Dear Santa, how’s it going? Thank you for the presents from last year. I have been quiet at home. I really want hot wheels cars. I think my dad would want a new sweater. Than you Santa.

Love Owen

Dear Santa,

Is there a lot of snow at the North Pole? It just stared snowing. It is snowing very very hard in North Glengarry. I would really like you to buy Grandpy a new truck that is shiny silver.

Love Kirk

Dear Santa,

How’s it going? Thank you Santa for being a guardian and thank you for the toy gun last year. Santa I am struggling to follow rules but I am trying. My brother and I really want a Nintendo switch. May you please give him it and me too please. Santa are you going to wear a funny mask when you deliver presents? Stay safe!

Love Nathaniel

Dear Santa,

How have you been? Thank you for my teddy narwhal last year. This year I have been good. I would really like a doll.

Love Emma

Salut Père Noël,

Les amis de la maternelle de l’école La Source on été gentils cette année. Ils ont tellement hâte de la visite. Les amis aiment décorer pour Noël et ils veulent savoir si toi aussi tu as un arbre de Noël. Merci Père Noël pour les jouets que tu nous apportes.

Nous t’aimons beaucoup! xoxo

Pour Noël, Maverick aimerait un robot.

Pour Noël, Isla aimerait un toutou géant.

Pour Noël, Benjamin aimerait un ours.

Pour Noël, Audrey aimerait de la musique de Noël. Pour Noël, Hayden aimerait un train. Chou, Chou! Pour Noël, Declan aimerait une cage de dinosaures. Pour Noël, Cora aimerait de la musique de Frozen. Pour Noël, Chelsea aimerait une fée de licorne.

Pour Noël, Finley aimerait un piano pour jouer de la musique.

Pour Noël, Olivia aimerait de la musique pour danser. Pour Noël, Emma aimerait une vraiment grosse licorne plus grosse que son lit.

Pour Noël, Rogan aimerait des tracteurs.

Pour Noël, Zachary aimerait une montre de PJ mask. Pour Noël, Caleb aimerait un train.

Pour Noël, Anna aimerait une licorne “beauty”

Pour Noël, Maddison aimerait de la musique de Elsa.

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