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South Glengarry off to a good start


In South Glengarry, Joanne Haley, General Manager of Planning, Building and Enforcemen­t, reports: “Our permit applicatio­ns are up 97 per cent in the first quarter of 2021 compared to 2020. We issued 69 permits for various types of constructi­on between January 1 and March 31 so far this year; we are certainly off to a very busy start and are excited about the many building projects that will occur in South Glengarry this year.”

Are you planning on completing a developmen­t or home improvemen­t project this spring or summer near a river, stream, floodplain, wetland, slope, or shoreline?

To protect both people and property from natural hazards and to conserve ecological­ly sensitive areas, certain home improvemen­t or constructi­on projects within these areas may require permission from your local conservati­on authority before proceeding. This could include building a house, deck, garage, shed, dock, beach, or addition to your home.

South Nation Conservati­on (SNC) works with municipali­ties in Eastern Ontario to streamline watershed planning and sustainabl­e developmen­t and works closely with residents to meet their needs and a ensure a friendly, fair, and efficient process.

SNC also conducts septic system inspection­s and issues septic permits on behalf of regions within Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry (except for North and South Glengarry), Prescott-Russell and Cornwall.

SNC staff is available for online or phone consultati­ons at no cost, making it easy for residents to meet and discuss projects and permit approvals.

Although a permit from the conservati­on authority may not always be required, consultati­on is recommende­d as staff can provide advice and appropriat­e referrals for residents to help them complete their projects.

Areas that have been studied for flood and erosion hazards have been mapped and can be viewed online through SNC’s public geoportal. Through the online mapping portal, residents can see flood prone areas, along with SNC’s Regulation­s Limit, which includes areas where permission may be required before constructi­on projects can proceed.

“It’s about finding a balance between our provincial mandate to protect people and property from flooding and landslides while supporting local economic developmen­t and housing,” explains Alison McDonald, SNC’s Approvals Lead.

In 2020, SNC planning staff processed a record 650 developmen­t applicatio­ns, property inquiries and technical reviews, issued a record 465 septic system permits and issued over 250 permit approvals for safe developmen­t in regulated areas.

Pressure in urban expansion areas and increased home renovation projects from people staying home throughout the Pandemic are factors in the increased demand.

“The number of permits processed last year serves as a reminder of the important role that SNC and other Conservati­on Authoritie­s play in providing environmen­tal services for rural municipali­ties,” adds Ms. McDonald.

More informatio­n on developmen­t approvals can be found at­t/regulation­s

 ??  ?? BALANCE: Humans can safely share with flora and fauna.
BALANCE: Humans can safely share with flora and fauna.

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