A land­lady’s hor­ror story

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ing in the house for un­der two months she had com­pletely gut­ted the base­ment, re­mov­ing the in­su­la­tion, shelves, the wall heater and even the sump pump.

On the main floor she re­moved imi­ta­tion brick in­su­la­tion from around the fire­place. Just be­fore she broke the lease and moved out, she re­moved all the an­tique light fix­ture and re­placed them with cheap fix­tures. While she was a ten­ant, she con­stantly in­ter­fered with any im­prove­ments I tried to make.

But the fun re­ally be­gan af­ter she moved out.

As she had to give me three months no­tice, the house sat empty for three months.

She deemed that no one en­ter the house with­out her or a mem­ber of her fam­ily present. There­fore, ev­ery time I went to see the house or to get a quote for work I was met by her­self, her ex-hus­band and her mother. They were abu­sive and in­ter­fer­ing. These ac­tions pre­vented me from rent­ing the premises or hav­ing any­thing done.

Her ex-hus­band was par­tic­u­larly abu­sive, dress­ing us down in front of a con­trac­tor and fol- low­ing us around mak­ing snide re­marks about the house.

Af­ter all this, she then took me to the rental board for dis­turb­ing her peace, even though she wasn’t liv­ing in the house. The last time we were there to do some work on the house, our tires had a hole punched in them.

I am an older woman and do not need the stress and con­ster­na­tion all this en­tails. What is the mat­ter with peo­ple to­day? Has all com­mon de­cency flown out the win­dow?

Sharon David­son Hud­son Heights, Québec

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