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Linguistic mix


In Ontario, there are 611,500 francophon­es who represent the largest francophon­e community in Canada outside of Québec.

Approximat­ely 43 per cent of the province’s French-speaking population is in Eastern Ontario.

In North Glengarry, 3,860 people have French as their mother tongue, compared to 5,555 whose mother tongue is English.

Approximat­ely 57 per cent of the people in the township are bilingual.

Some 5,685 understand two official languages while 3,840 speak English only and 460 speak only French.

In South Glengarry, 3,650 residents are francophon­e, 8,420 are anglophone­s. Some 6,890 people in the South speak French and English. Meanwhile, 5,905 are unilingual English and 275 speak only French.

Of course, as they say, 100 per cent speak “a little bit” of their second language.

Plus, many Glengarria­ns speak a number of non-official languages, such as German, Dutch, Flemish, Estonian, Gujarati, Hungarian, Danish, Chinese, Creole, Czech, Greek, Croatian, Arabic, Urdu, Macedonian, Polish, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Ukranian, Rwandan, Tagalog, Russian, Italian, Yiddish, Thai, Portuguese, Farsi, Mandarin, Punjabi, Japanese, Hindi, Finnish.

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