Tax­payer ap­palled by town­ship’s er­ror

The Glengarry News - - The Opinion Page - The News, July 19,

The Ed­i­tor, Re: ‘Oops! $500,000 es­ti­mate er­ror on salt dome,’ 2017;

Am I the only one who thinks that “Oops!” is not a strong enough ex­pres­sion for the es­ti­mate er­ror on the new salt dome?

Maybe I am just used to smaller num­bers so that a bud­get price of $200,000 tripling to an ac­tual price of $720,000 shocks me more than it seems to con­cern (South Glen­garry in­fra­struc­ture ser­vices man­ager) Ewen MacDon­ald.

Whether he was “ad­vised, pos­si­bly mis­in­formed or mis­un­der­stood,” surely, as the pro­fes­sional here, he would re­al­ize that you can't get a gazebo built for $20 per square foot, let alone a brand new salt dome.

I re­al­ize that the fa­cil­ity must be built but agree with the idea of scal­ing it down some­what. I see no need to stock­pile for a whole Win­ter when, in the past, get­ting salt in pe­ri­od­i­cally has worked.

As a tax­payer in South Glen­garry I am ap­palled that such mis­takes can hap­pen, and yes, I re­al­ize that every­one can make mis­takes, but not to this mag­ni­tude. One thing is sure, I will not be ask­ing Mr. MacDon­ald to be pric­ing up any­thing for me, in a hurry!

Mar­ion New­man, South Glen­garry

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